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MLP Aloe Boutique Spa Friendship is Magic Collection Set
It took some time since at first because only the Rarity Carousel Boutique has been spotted. But now we've gathered enough info and because of that we now know the full line-up for the Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection.

Most MLP Reboot Series Figures Now at Target
Yesterday in our Store Finds post we already reported on many findings at US Target stores, but our frequent submitter Victor just got a pretty big haul at Target, showing even more releases that have only just hit the shelves.
In addition to the loose Runway Fashions figures the Runway Set is now available, as well as the Twisty Twirly Hair and single brushables figures. A complete overview of what's available in the Reboot Series can be found in our Brushables Database, and by comparing that to the photos from Target you can see that most announced sets are now available. The only figures not confirmed to be released in the US yet are the second wave of single brushables and On-the-Go Purse figures.

Prefer to buy figures online? Target does not have most of these listed yet, but Amazon does! Check our collection of Amazon listings for the Reboot Series figures, as well as the new Equestria Girls Minis and Hasbro plush.

MLP Adagio Dazzle Equestria Girls Mini Figure
A lot of the new released merchandise is now also available on Amazon. For example we have almost all the Reboot Series Brushables and the Neon Rocking Equestria Girls Minis. Have all the listings below! They might sell out soon since they are new but if so expect them back in stock soon.

UPDATE: More new items have become available like the on-the-go purses, Spin-along Chariots, the Royal Friendship set with Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Spike and some of the new 12 inch plush!

MLP Pinkie Pie 5 Inch Tricot Plush by Hasbro
Hasbro is quite into making plushies these days isn't it? And in addition to the ones that were found earlier, a new set of plushies has appear don the official MLP Website. It's actually quite strange what's going on with these as they are also 5 inches tall and also have the spaghetti-like hair. But if we compare them we can see that these are a much lower quality then the ones spotted before. Some of them are missing the sparkles in their manes and these ones also have printed eyes and cutie marks instead of embroided ones. The material looks also more like tricot fabric. They will cost $4.99 each which is the same as the other ones.

Official Images of All Hasbro MLP Plush Found
The New Year starts good with the release of quite a load of new official images for upcoming My Little Pony merch, including the new Reboot Series and Equestria Girls minis figures. We've already see all of these before, but what we didn't see is a fifth style of My Little Pony plush to be official released by Hasbro.
We knew about 5" spaghetti mane plush, 10" flat mane plush, 22" huggable plush and a larger Princess Luna one, but now we learned about another variant: 12" filled mane plush! It's quite a mystery why every size comes with it's own mane style, but we personally think this new set is the most beautiful one of them all. And guess what? Applejack is included in this set, finally!
Another addition is Princess Celestia who will accompany Princess Luna in their own range of 'Feature Wings' 12" plush. We already heard about her earlier this morning in one of the new Entertainment Earth listings.
Exact prices are not yet known, but the release of most plush should be within January. In Canada the Princess Luna plush has in fact already seen an early release!

MLP Possible new Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls Minis Set
Here are some images for possible future Equestria Girls Minis Sets as these images are from a Planogram. The images are unclear but at least we can make out some theme's. The Pinkie Pie one looks like it's themed after a Diner and the Fluttershy one has something to do with every one's pets as we can see those as well. No much other info is known aside from these images, but I bet we can expect more info at the Toy Fair where they perhaps will be displayed as well.

MLP Fluttershy My Little Pony the Movie Plush
First of all: Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope this year will be great! Here's the first article for 2017 and it's about some new listings that popped-up on Entertainment Earth. We will post them all below but we wanted to go into detail about two of them since they're kinda interesting.

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Detailed Photos of 390 Store MLP Items
A little while ago we reported on an exclusive range of My Little Pony items at 390 store in Japan. Merch hunter Joelle has managed to get some of the items from Japan and made some detailed photos of it, which we'll share in this post. All items are priced at 390 yen, which is about $4, and are only available at 390 store. As you can see in the images it's mostly accessories that they sell, but bags and pouches are also available. Joelle also reported that the hair clips and keychain are made of a wood-like material, which in any way sound better than brittle plastic.
The items are still available, and if you happen to live in Japan you can check out their store on Rakuten for all items.

Hasbro Announces Official Plush Series
Last week we already shared some info on a Princess Luna plush, which by all signs seems to be released by Hasbro themselves. We can now safely confirm that the plush is released by Hasbro, as they added a completely new line of mane 6 plush to their own website,
The plush are 5 inches tall and have spaghetti manes, but the strings have a pattern in them rather than a solid color. All plush are $4.99 each and are marked as 'small plush', which could indicate that a set of larger plush are on the way.
While they might look a bit like the ones manufactured by Funrise, there are currently no signs that they produced this set. It's of course possible that Hasbro outsourced the production of these plush, but we have no further information on that yet.
If anyone spotted these plush (including other characters like Luna), we'd kindly hear about it!
Thanks to eclipsedflame for the info!

First Images of Twisty Twirly Hair Ponies + Pre-Orders
The Twisty Twirly Hair Styles figures first popped up in October, and as of today Entertainment Earth released the official images for these figures, so it's finally time to see what they look like!
As you can see in the included images above the manes and tails look a bit like that of Betty Spaghetti as the hair is made out of yarn, and the figures themselves are all in their new reboot series style. I wonder if you can turn these into Perfume Puff Ponies...
Each figure comes with their own hair-themed accessories: Rarity has a curling iron, Pinkie Pie has some hair rollers and Applejack comes with hair clips.
You can now pre-order the complete set (all 3 figures) over at Entertainment Earth for $26.99 and they'll be sent out in January.