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MLP Aloe Boutique Spa Friendship is Magic Collection Set
It took some time since at first because only the Rarity Carousel Boutique has been spotted. But now we've gathered enough info and because of that we now know the full line-up for the Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection.

UK MLP Magazine Shows Upcoming Rarity FiM Collection
Back in March we initially spotted a few listings for Friendship is Magic Collection sets around the "Green Isn't Your Color" episode, and it has long been quiet around these sets. Out of the blue the official UK MLP Magazine is giving some of these sets away in a contest, which is extraordinary, as the sets are not available or even officially announced yet.
We can now clearly see that these sets are based on the Season 1-episode, with both spa scenes as well as clothing shoots with Photo Finish. The dresses from Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in this case are from the "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" episode, which aired later in Season 4.
With the huge amount of release in the past few weeks and this announcement in the UK magazine are strong indications that these sets will be sold very soon. Below we've included the original Amazon listings for all sets, which will hopefully be updated with high quality stock images soon!
Thanks to Robbie for the images!

A Closer Look at the Carousel Boutique and Runway Fashions Figures
Ever wondered what those new Runway Fashions figures and Rarity's Carousel Boutique look like? Thanks to Rich we now have some detailed photos of the figures. He sold them on eBay, but was kind enough to first send in the pictures.
In the photos you can see all different outfits that come with the Runway Fashions figures, as well as the runway itself. Old style figures do fit in the same outfits as the new ones, so you're pretty free to dress up your favorite pony in those outfits.
The Carousel Boutique comes with some fitting accessories, but also new Opalescence and Hoity Toity figures. Hoity Toity is slightly differently painted from the original 3-pack release, but the mold is the same.
Anyway, enough chit-chat, all images can be found below!

Store finds: Wave 18, Hasbro Plush & More
It's a been a little while since our last store finds post! All the submissions have piled up, so prepare for a big one today with all the store releases during the first two weeks of 2017.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Amazon Cyber Monday My Little Pony Deals Now Live
As is tradition, Cyber Monday is the day of the year to browse around online stores for great deals. Amazon does exactly that and we'd like to help you a bit with finding the My Little Pony sales they have going on. Over on MLP sale page you can get an overview of all sales that are going on, but if you're also into other brands be sure to check out all toy-related sales of today.
To make it even easier for you we've selected some of the deals below, with quite a variety: brushables, Equestria Girls, FiM Collection and even a Guardians of Harmony figure. Enjoy!

MLP Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection Carousel Boutique
We found quite something interesting this morning as we found one of the new sets for the next wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection. We posted a lot of times before that we thought these would be Rarity-Themed since we: Found some possible Amazon listings earlier. And we of course found all the Manehattan/Rarity Themed Episodes Blind Bags before on Taobao.

But now we actually got images of the first set which is of course her lovely boutique. It comes with some accessories, Rarity herself, her cat Opalescence and Hoity Toity. What's also interesting is that they have changed the packaging as well which is the same as the Guardians of Harmony one and the Reboot Brushables one as well. We hope we can find more sets soon as well!

Feel free to share this article but please include a link back to this post. Thank you! :)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Action Figures Commercial
Hasbro has released two new official commercials. The first one is for the Guardians of Harmony Action figures and it shows some of them like Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, the Wonderbolts and the large Spike.
The second one is a commercial for the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection. It showcases all the figures including the chase figures for the Nightmare Night Themed Blind Bag waves as well.

You can watch the commercials below:

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies Part 3
I'm back with another report on my never-ending quest to find the worst My Little Pony fakies in existence. This time I got some massive help from Ilona, who helped collecting and identifying the fakes.
For those who are not familiar with the series: every now and then we browse the darker side of the internet and come across all sorts of bootleg MLP items, which we collect and save up for posts like this one. If you enjoy this post you can always go back to part 1 and part 2 for more fakie madness.

Store Finds: FiM Collection, Pep Rally Figures & Crystal Empire
Every now and then we share all the store finds that have been sent to us, and it's time for another one. This time it's only the UK and US with news, but if you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Merch Database Update - Databases Split and More
Since MH Merch and EAH Merch are finally released, we're now focusing again on improving MLP Merch which will our main database. Today we would like to give you an update about what's new and what to expect in the future: