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UK MLP Magazine Shows Upcoming Rarity FiM Collection
Back in March we initially spotted a few listings for Friendship is Magic Collection sets around the "Green Isn't Your Color" episode, and it has long been quiet around these sets. Out of the blue the official UK MLP Magazine is giving some of these sets away in a contest, which is extraordinary, as the sets are not available or even officially announced yet.
We can now clearly see that these sets are based on the Season 1-episode, with both spa scenes as well as clothing shoots with Photo Finish. The dresses from Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in this case are from the "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" episode, which aired later in Season 4.
With the huge amount of release in the past few weeks and this announcement in the UK magazine are strong indications that these sets will be sold very soon. Below we've included the original Amazon listings for all sets, which will hopefully be updated with high quality stock images soon!
Thanks to Robbie for the images!

Store Friends: Equestria Girls Minis + Reboot Friendship Express
Another quick store finds post, because the mails kept coming in! Loads of Equestria Girls Minis submits this week, but also the release of a new Reboot Series re-release over in Singapore. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

New Equestria Girls Minis Sets Now Up For Pre-Order
This week the recently announced Equestria Girls Minis sets have popped-up on Amazon and Entertainment Earth as pre-orders for the coming months. While the sets already appeared in shops around Asia, the US and Europe are always required to have a bit more patience. The release date on the Amazon listings vary from next month up to the end of February, but Entertainment Earth is a bit more positive and sets the bar at December and January. At this moment the listings over at EE are significantly cheaper than those at Amazon (due to 3rd party sellers), but that's sure to drop in the coming period. All listings below:

This may come as a surprise, or perhaps... maybe not. But some of the new Equestria Girls Minis Sets we found about a week ago have now already been spotted at Toys'R'Us Singapore. This isn't the first time Singapore has gotten merch way earlier then the US Release as a lot of earlier merch has been spotted in Singapore earlier as well like the Explore Equestria Fashion Styles or Explore Equestria Sparkle Bright figures.  So far these are the only new things spotted so far. It's unsure whenever these will be available in other countries, probably before the end of the year.

Thanks to Joelle for the heads up and images!

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MLP Merch Poll #99MLP Merch Poll #98 Results
We skipped a week due to holiday, but we're back for another poll!
Last time we asked you what your thoughts were on the announced Minty plush from Build-a-Bear. As somewhat expected your responses were overwhelmingly positive! Almost 55% likes the Minty plush and another 29% would buy anything from Build-a-Bear anyway. A small 5% is still indifferent and only 5% does not like the plush. Another 6% has never heard of Minty, which is understandable as she has not been a big character in the G4-era yet.

MLP Photo Finish Equestria Girls Minis Flashy Photo Class Set
Four Amazon listings for upcoming Equestria Girls Minis Sets have now been updated with official images! We have the Splashy Art Class Set with Pinkie Pie, Rockin' Music Class Set with Rainbow Dash, Science Star Class Set with Twilight Sparkle and at last we have the Flashy Photo Class Set which comes with Photo Finish who makes her debut in the minis line. These will be the larger sets that will be included with the Rainbow Rocks Themed Minis which have also been announced (including Adagio Dazzle) but they haven't received images yet. So you can find these later under the Rainbow Rocks section in the EqG Minis Database.

MLP Photo Finish and Royal Ribbon Explore Equestria Fashion Styles
Quite an interesting find. It turns out that the second wave of the Explore Equestria Fashion Styles have been spotted at Target US. As announced at the fair, the second wave consist of Photo Finish and Royal Ribbon. (The first wave contains Sapphire Shores and Starlight Glimmer) They have also been listed on the Target website for $14.99 dollars but according to the site they are only available in stores at the moment. However they are also listed on Amazon and they are $24.99 there but they are sold by a third-party seller so expect the price to drop later.

Thanks to TheSnuggleKinz for the heads up and image!

Images of New Explore Equestria Brushabled Found on Amazon
Images of various new figures from the Explore Equestria line have been revealed on Amazon today. Most of these figures were on display at the NY Toy Fair of 2016, and this is the first time we see official pictures for them.
None all available as of this moment (in contrast to the GoH Discord), but they will at least launch later this year (guessing dates is always hard, but I think 1-3 months is a safe bet for now).
Below we have all Amazon listings and images of figures that have been revealed:

Aloe and Lotus from MLP FiM
Possible new Friendship is Magic Collection Sets have been listed on Amazon. No images yet but the listings themselves are very interesting. We will see characters like Aloe, Photo Finish, Rarity and Twilight with a Spa Chair. Perhaps this one will be themed around the "Green Isn't Your Color" episode. But there has also been a listings for a Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle Playset so it's unsure yet,. Also an interesting thing is that one listings is called "Aloe & La Ti Da Spa Playset" We all know Aloe but then there's "La Ti Da". By doing some research I figured out it's actually the name of the Spa Playset from the 3.5 Generation of MLP. So perhaps we will get a large playset of the Spa from the show.
But by judging the names of the listings I think we can confirm that these are from the FiM Collection. Now we just have to wait for more information. You can find the listings below.

MLP Explore Equestria Fashion Styles at NY Toy Fair 2016
Thanks to Inside the Magic we know have gotten pictures of some new Brushables for this fall. They displayed some of the new Articulated Ponies as well as the Magical Scenes Brushables and lots of other Brushables I really really like the Fashion Styles, Sapphire Shores and Photo Finish look great! We also see the new characters like Pretzel, Meadow Flower and Royal Ribbon.
We also see the first images of the Magical Scenes Brushables. So far they look like ponies with huuuuge cutie marks. If I'm seeing this right you need to look though the hole of the Cutie Mark to see a magical scene. 

So far we only post what's a 100% new to us. Other playsets like the Crystal Palace will be discusses in our Wrap-up this week.We'll also go into much more detail then so stay tuned! Thanks to ASM for the images!