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Most MLP Reboot Series Figures Now at Target
Yesterday in our Store Finds post we already reported on many findings at US Target stores, but our frequent submitter Victor just got a pretty big haul at Target, showing even more releases that have only just hit the shelves.
In addition to the loose Runway Fashions figures the Runway Set is now available, as well as the Twisty Twirly Hair and single brushables figures. A complete overview of what's available in the Reboot Series can be found in our Brushables Database, and by comparing that to the photos from Target you can see that most announced sets are now available. The only figures not confirmed to be released in the US yet are the second wave of single brushables and On-the-Go Purse figures.

Prefer to buy figures online? Target does not have most of these listed yet, but Amazon does! Check our collection of Amazon listings for the Reboot Series figures, as well as the new Equestria Girls Minis and Hasbro plush.

MLP Adagio Dazzle Equestria Girls Mini Figure
A lot of the new released merchandise is now also available on Amazon. For example we have almost all the Reboot Series Brushables and the Neon Rocking Equestria Girls Minis. Have all the listings below! They might sell out soon since they are new but if so expect them back in stock soon.

UPDATE: More new items have become available like the on-the-go purses, Spin-along Chariots, the Royal Friendship set with Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Spike and some of the new 12 inch plush!

Official Images of All Hasbro MLP Plush Found
The New Year starts good with the release of quite a load of new official images for upcoming My Little Pony merch, including the new Reboot Series and Equestria Girls minis figures. We've already see all of these before, but what we didn't see is a fifth style of My Little Pony plush to be official released by Hasbro.
We knew about 5" spaghetti mane plush, 10" flat mane plush, 22" huggable plush and a larger Princess Luna one, but now we learned about another variant: 12" filled mane plush! It's quite a mystery why every size comes with it's own mane style, but we personally think this new set is the most beautiful one of them all. And guess what? Applejack is included in this set, finally!
Another addition is Princess Celestia who will accompany Princess Luna in their own range of 'Feature Wings' 12" plush. We already heard about her earlier this morning in one of the new Entertainment Earth listings.
Exact prices are not yet known, but the release of most plush should be within January. In Canada the Princess Luna plush has in fact already seen an early release!

MLP Fluttershy My Little Pony the Movie Plush
First of all: Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope this year will be great! Here's the first article for 2017 and it's about some new listings that popped-up on Entertainment Earth. We will post them all below but we wanted to go into detail about two of them since they're kinda interesting.

New Equestria Girls Minis Sets Now Up For Pre-Order
This week the recently announced Equestria Girls Minis sets have popped-up on Amazon and Entertainment Earth as pre-orders for the coming months. While the sets already appeared in shops around Asia, the US and Europe are always required to have a bit more patience. The release date on the Amazon listings vary from next month up to the end of February, but Entertainment Earth is a bit more positive and sets the bar at December and January. At this moment the listings over at EE are significantly cheaper than those at Amazon (due to 3rd party sellers), but that's sure to drop in the coming period. All listings below:

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MLP Wondercolts Forever Diary of Celestia and Luna Book
The Princess Diary Book about Princess Celestia and Luna has now received it's cover. Actually, this one is about their EqG Counterparts: Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna. In this book you can read all about their point-of view of the past and present at Canterlot High. For those who want it, you sadly have to wait some months as it will be released on January 3, 2017. But you can pre-order it now for $7.46 during the sale. The normal price will be $12.99. 

Pre Order it here!

Head back to Canterlot High School with Luna and Celestia in this replica of the teenage sisters' journal! Read their firsthand accounts and discover Canterlot High from the young girls' points of view. Walk the hallways, attend some classes, and take part in the Mane Event!

MLP Gala Dresses Brushables Merchant Image
Some merchant images have appeared which shows some of the upcoming merchandise. Some of them we've seen already but some of these are new. If a set has already been spotted then you can go to our article by clicking on the header above the image.

Thanks to SweetLemons for the heads up! Have all the images below:

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MLP Merch Poll #99MLP Merch Poll #98 Results
We skipped a week due to holiday, but we're back for another poll!
Last time we asked you what your thoughts were on the announced Minty plush from Build-a-Bear. As somewhat expected your responses were overwhelmingly positive! Almost 55% likes the Minty plush and another 29% would buy anything from Build-a-Bear anyway. A small 5% is still indifferent and only 5% does not like the plush. Another 6% has never heard of Minty, which is understandable as she has not been a big character in the G4-era yet.

MLP Equestria Girls Minis Princess Celestia Lessons and Laughs Class Set
Another Equestia Girls Minis set has received images. And it's actually for a set that was listed long before the ones that received images earlier. We're talking about the Principal Celestia Classroom Set who has now been renamed to the Lessons and Laughs Class Set. As you can see this set also includes the first appearance of Princess Celestia. The set features a lot of accessories like musical instruments and gems and geodes. Celestia herself looks adorable too! So far she's not for sale but we'll keep you updated when she will.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is that this set and the ones spotted earlier have a new packaging. But several people have pointed out that the "Minis" Part in the logo is missing which could indicate that it's the end of the line for the normal dolls and that the minis have replaced them.

Thanks to Anonymous for the heads up!

MLP Original Series Reboot Nurturing Friends Brushable Set
Just spotted these on Taobao before we're heading of to Germany for some days. We found three of the newly found Brushable sets in packaging together with the Family Moments one that was found some days ago. But they have great images which gives us a good look at them. I would like to mention that a specific set name isn't included on the box so we will be calling it the "Reboot Series" for now.