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Starlight Glimmer Build-a-Bear Plush Spotted - Rumors Confirmed?
For the past months rumors have been spread of an upcoming Starlight Glimmer plush from Build-a-Bear, with loads of doubt because no official word from BaB confirmed this story, nor did anyone find early promotions for her. Two months ago we suddenly saw the announcement and release of a Minty plush at Build-a-Bear, but still no sign of Starlight Glimmer.
Until this week, as an actual plush has been found, being it from an unknown source. While we didn't see any ads for her yet, the design and tag look pretty real, but we'll need to wait for an official announcement from Build-a-Bear to be 100% sure.
Credits to gleadr for the images!

MLP Teepublic Black Friday Sale
Teepublic is holding another sale again and this time it's because of Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday. I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and scored perhaps some good stuff during Black Friday.

Anyway you can now get all tees for only $14 on Teepublic together with other great stuff that's for sale as well like Phone Cases, Mugs and many more! For the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon I also started to make some Pokémon designs but because this is MLP Merch I will only promote them once in this post and you also find these only on my personal Teepublic Store instead of the Merch store. Expect some more designs in the future but they won't be posted here. MLP only. :)

This sale will last till Tuesday.

MLP Trading Cards Series 4 to be Expected on November 22
US based wholesaler GTS Distribution has added more information on the release of the fourth MLP Trading Cards series on their website. As you can see above we now have official pack designs, being it in low quality, and of course the new logo is installed. What can also be seen is that Thorax, Starlight Glimmer and Saffron Masala will be features in this series for sure.
Secondly, this series is packed with new special cards, including the Create-a-Card Contest winners. Other special variants include die-cut cards, more special finishes and the most rare cards of all: a whole series of parallel cards of which only one exists in the world! Even the signature cards from series 3 had a few copies, but this is the first time Enterplay will release cards this exclusive! And as a final extra every full booster box will include a die-cut box topper.
Those who are already drooling over those facts need to wait a few more days: the pre-releases start to ship out to retailers on November 22. The actual release date is set for December, but if you know a store who sold earlier series they might know when this shipment is to be expected exactly. We're still awaiting online listings for both the booster boxes and still packs. Stay tuned!

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Teepublic Pre-Black Friday Sale: All Shirts $14 + New Designs
The Pre-Black Friday sale is now live over at TeePublic, which means that our shirt designs are once again on sale for $14 a piece! As usual this is not limited to only shirts, but many other items with the same designs are down in price too. To celebrate this Ilona has expanded the MLP Tee Store with 7 new designs:
- Pacific Glow
- Flutterbat
- Starlight Glimmer
- Coloratura
- Sapphire Shores
- Rarity Investigates Duo
- Vapor Trail

Visit our Teepublic Merch Store here!

Pearlized Brushables Found at Big Lots
We know that the pearlized brushables are not widely available in the US, but as we've heard they are in stock at Big Lots. Personally I have no idea how well know this retailer is, but judging by the amount of stores they have most people in the US will at least be able to locate one.
The figures are $5 there, and for now the first wave has been confirmed to be available: Coloratura, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Starlight Glimmer.
Thanks to theshyprinprin for the image!

MLP Friends Forever #35 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Tony Fleecs
And last solicitations for 2016 have arrived. Next month we'll get to see what 2017 has to offer. Anyways as always a new issue of the Friendship is Magic Series has been announced together with a new Friends Forever one. Have all the information and covers below!

MLP Friendship is Magic 44 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Tony FleecsMLP Friendship is Magic 44 Comic by IDW Retailer Incentive Cover by Sara Richard
Today the 44th issue of the Friendship is Magic Series comics has been released. This issue contains the second part of the "Ponies of Dark Water" Story arc. It's written by Thom Zahler and the artist is Tony Fleecs. A total of 6 covers are available. What's interesting is that the Fried Pie one has changed as it was Sunset Shimmer before but the final version shows Starlight Glimmer in her place. The covers are:

MLP Discord Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Figure
Seems like a lot of new items are on sale on Amazon right now including the Guardians of Harmony Discord and Celestia figures but several new Explore Equestria items as well. Have all the listings below with their old and new prices.

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 And slowly but steady more of the announced merch seems to be available on Amazon. This time the Fashion Styles for Sapphire Shores and Starlight Glimmer are now available for order on Amazon for $14.99 each. Have the listings and other information below!

MLP Explore Equestria Sapphire Shores Fashion Style FigureMLP Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer Fashion Style Figure
Hasbro showed various new Fashion Styles at the NY Toy Fair this year, including wave 1 of the Explore Equestria figures: Starlight Glimmer and Sapphire Shores. The original release date was set for this fall, but apparently late June counts as fall too for Hasbro.
Found in a toy store in Singapore, these are sure to make a lot of people happy who couldn't wait since the original announcement.
Starlight Glimmer comes with very colorful clothing, including a skirt, two shirts, a hat and some more accessories, while Sapphire Shores gets her famous outfit plus a big eccentric headpiece and an additional shirt.
As these are found in Singapore it usually takes a little while before they hit the US and Europe, so count on another week or 2 before these are available.
Thanks to Joelle for the photos!