Rainbow Dash New 2015 Brushable Aurora PlushPinkie Pie New 2015 Brushable Aurora Plush
Thanks to Littles Toy Company we now have images of the brand new My Little Pony line from Aurora! These images were taken from a catalogue exclusive for retailers and they include these brand new My Little Pony Plushies. It seems like Aurora has now switched from Fabric hair to real brushable hair with some tinsel in it. As for now you can get the whole mane six as a 6.5 Inch plush and a 13 Inch one. They will be available February 2015

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Many thanks again to Michael from Littles Toy Company for providing the images!

Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash New 2015 Brushable Aurora PlushRarity, Fluttershy and Applejack New 2015 Brushable Aurora Plush


  1. Finally a plush with RD's correct eyes! Even Nici wanted them before but had to change them due to Hasbro's request (that's why the stock images of their plushies have different eyes than the actual products, most people don't notice that) and even at the brushables she only got the correct ones staring with Cutie Mark Magic.

    1. Why do you care about the eye so much

  2. Aurora makes an amazing plush, the quality is outstanding. I love the 4DE plushes but I think the Aurora plush has a little something more.

  3. The next thing you know is this:

  4. I cannot say how much this news made my day. I've been debating on buying the original Aroura plush of Ponies I don't officially collect after getting all the Applejack's and Fluttershy's, but I will DEFINITELY be buying the new large size of all 6! :D They look awesome!
    And of course all the AJ's and Flutter variations they make ;)

  5. Cute i want rarity and fluttershy it's about time they have brushible hair instead of fabric hair❤

  6. I actually like the fabric hair. I know these are for kids but for a collector the brushables are horrid. The hair is frizzy and the tinsel is cheap and sticks out of the hair. I doubt these plushie's hair will look that good in real life after being shipped around.

  7. oooh. YIPEE. More tinsel to deal with.