MLP Dance Party Equestria Girls Minis Coming Soon
During Habsro's presentation some new Equestria Girls Minis got also revealed. By the looks of it we will get a Canterlot High Playset and some new characters as well including Flasy Sentry and Dj Pon-3. We will also get some Dance-Party related dolls as the girls are dressed in their Dance Formal Clothes. More information will be shown tommorow.


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    1. BTW, Things that I noticed:
      - RD has wings, that's cool! Despite that, Twilight and Fluttershy have none for some weird reason...
      - Playset has some turnable and round platforms in the floor. It looks like you can attach your dolls to them, maybe to imitate dance?
      - Rarity finally got her bracelets. Very nice touch!
      - I wonder why most of the headgears of the dolls (for ex. TS' crown) are more like masks and have handles. Why couldn't they be made like Pinkie's hat? (she is holding a hat on the photo) Budget reasons?

    2. The headgears are supposed to be masks for the photobooth

  2. AJ has gone back to be a background character again then

  3. Vinyl's there ... take my money already!

  4. I'll give away my money to MLP any day.