MLP Omnibus Volume 3 by IDW Cover by S. Bis
A new MLP Omnibus Volume has been listed on Amazon, for quite some time already actually but the listing has gotten an update and now we can take a look at the official cover. People who perhaps collect the comics might recognize this cover as it's the same as the Subscription one from FiM #29. It's made by S. Bis.

This Omnibus contains a lot of comics just like the past two volumes. To be more exact this one contains the FiM issues #25 - #37, so if you want to get most of the comics in one book then this is the one for you together with the past two volumes.

You can pre-order this one on Amazon for  $19.89 during the current sale, the normal price for this volume will be $24.99. It will be released on June 14, 2016. We've included the Amazon listings together with the past two issues for when you're interested in the previous issues.

The adventures continue as the group heads to Canter Creek to investigate a shady land deal; problems near the Everfree Forest start affecting Ponyville; Cheerilee visits her sister; the town gets split into two factions over Ponyville Days; bad apples come alive at Sweet Apple Acres; and an enigmatic new foe brings together some of the most villainous characters in Equestria. Collects issues #25–37 of the ongoing My Little Pony comic series.


  1. Ossie i found a pic of the Mystery girl from LEGEND OF EVERFREE (eg 4) Doll!

  2. Do you know if there ever going to bring any mlp comics to Australia?