MLP New Blind Bags
And again a lot of new Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao. (older post here and here) And quite some nice and interesting ones. As always I tried to match them up with their show-counterparts since I love to do so. One thing I figured is that these are almost all from the "Green Isn't Your Color" Episode" and or from Manehattan episodes which brings us closer to the conclusion that we might expect the Rarity FiM Collection soon. I'm also beginning to wonder if these are chase figures for the next waves or that a whole wave will consist of these...

Have them all below!

Paparazzi Ponies
(Press Pass, Snappy Scoop and Action Shot)

MLP Press Pass Blind BagMLP Snappy Scoop Blind BagMLP Action Shot Blind Bag

MLP Paparazzi Ponies

Picture Perfect

MLP Picture Perfect Blind BagMLP Picture Perfect Blind Bag

Powder Rouge

MLP Powder Rouge Blind BagMLP Powder Rouge Blind Bag

Pretty Vision

MLP Pretty Vision Blind BagMLP Pretty Vision Blind Bag


MLP Shoeshine Blind BagMLP Shoeshine Blind Bag


  1. If they are going to include clothing, I wish they would sculpt it on to the body the way it was on some of the earlier blind bags, rather than just paint them on. It was much nicer. But that's Hasbro for you...

    1. I agree they should put clothing on the blind bag ponies instead of having the clothing painted on well that's hasbro for ya!