MLP Fluttershy My Little Pony the Movie Plush
First of all: Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope this year will be great! Here's the first article for 2017 and it's about some new listings that popped-up on Entertainment Earth. We will post them all below but we wanted to go into detail about two of them since they're kinda interesting.
The first one is about the Princess Luna Plush that was found some days ago in Canada. It's called the Feature Wings Princess Luna Plush, but it turns out her sister Celestia will also be available. The listing also states that these two will be part of Wave 1, so a Wave 2 with Cadance and Twilight Sparkle is most likely.
MLP My Little Pony the Movie Plush
In the world of My Little Pony, Princess Luna is a magical and beautiful pony who rules all of Equestria with her sister, Princess Celestia. Each 10-inch pony wants to fly high above the clouds with their beautiful wings. Each plush version of the pony pals has a kid-powered feature to make their fabulous wings flutter. Squeeze their legs and their wings will flap up and down. With these soft and snuggly plush figures, story time in the fun and royal world of My Little Pony can take flight! 
And the second listing I was spotted is perhaps the first Movie Related piece of Merchandise: My Little Pony Movie Soft Plush Wave 1. Now we've actually already seen these plush. Remember that there are other small ones besides the Spaghetti ones we posted about some days ago? I'm actually talking about these ones since they have the same product code as the description on Entertainment Earth, although the packaging doesn't mention anything related to the movie the description actually mentions it.
Friendship is magic with each cuddly My Little Pony Movie Soft Plush pal! Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie, these soft and cuddly plush figures have a designs straight from the movie. Approximately 10-inches in size, they're cute and colorful to match their on-screen characters! Pretend to recreate favorite scenes from the movie or imagine new stories with each super pony.
So that's kinda interesting. I'm curious about the other merch for the upcoming movie but we're one month away from the Toy Fair so it's just a matter of waiting. Have all the new Entertainment Earth listings below. All of the merch is expected this month and they are also available for pre-order.



  1. I'm most interested to see the "Rockin'" minis, especially Adagio. :)

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