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Huffy Shows My Little Pony G5 Powered Scooter

Is it time to rename MLP Merch to Trot Gear yet? We have another G5 product with wheels today, and again from Huffy! Aside from their brushable-quad they also listed a scooter on Amazon with a similar My Little Pony G5 theme.

While it looks like a regular scooter, it's actually powered and can drive up to 2 MPH. When the battery runs out you can still use it as a kick scooter. Just like the quad revealed earlier, this scooter has a bubble-blowing exhaust as well. The scooter features stock designs of Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow, nothing new by the looks of it.

It's designed for kids between 3 and 5 years old and supports up to 50 pounds (22 kg). The scooter is not yet available, so we don't have an exact price on this either. Other battery-powered bubble scooter from Huffy go for $49-$79, so that's quite a wide range.

Thanks again to Splash Lights Photos for the heads-up! 

Huffy Shows My Little Pony G5 Powered Scooter

Huffy Shows My Little Pony G5 Powered Scooter

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  1. Definitely nice to see more products like this for kids. I imagine they’ll have a themed bike too, with streamers maybe. So fun!