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4th Dimension Entertainment Rarity Plush
As promised by 4DE 2 weeks ago, the first series of My Little Pony plushies have started shipping. They've released a photo on their Twitter page with boxes of Rarity plushies from the company.
As updated in our countdown announcement post, the first series of plushies that ship consists of Twilight unicorn/alicorn open wings/alicorn closed wings, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack & Dr. Whooves classic eyes/cool eyes.
People who pre-ordered through an online store like Entertainment Earth or BigBadToyStore might need to wait a little longer as they need to process the plushies first.

4th Dimension Entertainment Fluttershy Plush
After much demand 4th Dimension Entertainment released the final info on the shipping date for the My Little Pony plushies they've put up for pre-order over a year ago. Early release dates mentioned January 2015 for these plushies, but the release date has been pushed forwards month after month. A few weeks back we first heard back from 4DE confirming that November would be the final release date for these plushies after manufacturing problems.
Now 4DE has released a countdown on their website, ending on Wednesday the 18th of November, on which most pre-orderd plushies will be shipped out. I'm saying most of them because we heard from several people that they're only going to ship Applejack and Derpy/Trixie. Meanwhile a few early pre-orders and contest winner have already received their plush, but the majority of the pre-orders will have to wait for after the 18th before receiving their plush.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!
UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew we now have a bit more information about the shipping schedule from 4DE:
- Nov. 18: Twilight unicorn/alicorn open wings/alicorn closed wings, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack & Dr. Whooves classic eyes/cool eyes
- Late 2015 (estimate): Derpy (Muffins) & Trixie
- Early 2016 (estimate): Princess Luna & Big MacIntosh
- Unconfirmed/canceled: Princess Celestia & Future Twilight


MLP 4th Dimension Alicorn Twilight PlushMLP 4th Dimension Alicorn Twilight Plush

We didn't hear that much from 4th dimension the past weeks/months. A lot of people are still wondering when they will eventually be released. But it seems like 4th dimension posted some information Twitter. First is the fact that the Alicorn Twilight Plush got re-designed with a better pattern. She will also come in 2 variants. One with open wings and one with closed wings.
Next up we have Trixie who also got an improvement and a nice little touch is the fact that her clothes are removable!

According to their Twitter. These should be available at the end of spring. We will let you know when the pre-orders arrive. As for what it looks like. I think you can still pre-order them at least here at Entertainment Earth (see post for listings)

4th Dimension Entertainment Rarity Plush
In addition to Midtown Comics, more stores have started to officially accept pre-orders for the upcoming 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) plushies. These are the long awaited show accurate and officially licensed plushies that have been announced for quite a long time. Entertainment Earth currently accepts pre-orders for a January release. Prices remain $24.99 for the regular ponies and $59.99 for Princess Luna.
Below we've listed the pre-order pages for easy access:

MLP Merch Poll
This is the first poll that actually has a very close winner and 2nd place! In MLP Merch Poll #3 we asked you which plush manufacturer your favourite is, and the winner with 34.9% is Build-a-Bear! The second place with 31.6% of the votes goes to 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) and then there's a big gap until we find 3rd place: TY with 11.4%. Below that are Funrise (10%), Aurora (9.7%), Nici (1.7%) and Famosa is last with 0.7% of the votes.

4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) Princess Luna Plush
It's been a while since we've seen these 4DE plushies, but they're now available for pre-order at Midtown Comics! Since we already found them via Previews World, it's to be expected that many other comic and import toy stores will also put these up for pre-order soon. The new 4DE plushies will be Applejack, Derpy (named Best Pony), Dr. Hooves, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Trixie. Currently missing from the pre-orders are Princess Celestia and future Twilight Sparkle, but they might appear soon. Regular prices for these plushies are $24.95 and $60 for Luna, but for pre-order they are currently 20% off ($19.96 and $48) and their expected release date is November 26, 2014.
Thanks to MoonbeamStar for the info!

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MLP Merch Poll
The results of the second MLP Merch Poll are impressive! A stunning 81% of our visitors is excited about Cutie Mark Magic, and the majority of you will definitely get some of the new ponies, awesome! 12% of the voters are not interested in Cutie Mark Magic and another 5% had no idea these toys were found!

4th Dimension Plush Set
This months release of Previews Magazine Plus contained some great news for fans of show accurate plushies! Most of the upcoming 4th Dimension plushies have been revealed, with some interesting additions: There will be a Celestia plush of 18 inches (45 cm) tall, a future Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves, Rainbow Dash and Trixie! The only pony that I miss on that list is the recently announced Big MacIntosh, weird! Earlier announced ponies in the set include Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Princess Luna and Doctor Whooves. The listing also mentions a Princess Twilight Sparkle, but we don't have any images of her yet. All of the plushies will be released in November this year for a price of $24.95 each an Princess Luna and Celestia go for $60 each.

UPDATE: Previews Magazine has changed the prices of Luna and Celestia from $24.95 to $60
UPDATE 2: The plushies are now available for pre-order!

After the cut we have individual photos of the plushies!

4th Dimension Princess Luna Plush
4th Dimension Princess Luna Plush
4th Dimension has yet revealed another plush! And it's Princess Luna, and man she just looks gorgeous! We don't know any details yet but we will let you know when we know more!

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Doctor Whooves 4th Dimension Plush
Doctor Whooves 4th Dimension Plush
Again 4th Dimension has revealed a new plush and this time it's Doctor Whooves! According to their Twitter page he should be released hopefully this fall. He will be available in 2 variants as seen above.