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My Little Pony Crochet Book
Are you a fan of crocheting? Or maybe you actually want to learn to do so! Anyways for those there's a very interesting book coming up simply called: "My Little Pony Crochet" by Jana Withley and published by Thunder Bay Press. The book contains 12 patterns to make adorable amigurumi ponies!

MLP Twilight Sparkle and Rarity Fashion Fun Play-Doh Set
We got a first glimpse at this set during the New York Toy Fair this year but both Amazon and Entertainment Earth have now listed this set as well. This set features "figures" of Rarity and Twilight Sparkle which you can give dresses with the accessories provided. It also comes with a Spike-shaped roller cutter to create ribbon-like features. According to Entertainment Earth the set will release this June and will cost $15.99. You can find the listings below:

MLP Play-Doh Rarity Style and Spin Set
 A few weeks ago we found a new listing on Amazon for a new MLP Themed Play-Doh Set. Turns out the images have now been added and you can actually order the item now as well! This is the Rarity Design and Spin Set and it features a Rarity figure with a dressing table. You can create various accesoires with the molds on the table and you can fill Rarity's hair with some Play-Doh and ad her accoires later. You can also add her on the table itself and spin her around.

Amazon Listing: Play-Doh Rarity Style and Spin Set - $9.99

MLP Rainbow Dash 3D Pony DIY Kit by Fashion Angels
Seems like Zulily has listed something new and fun. Right now you can order three 3D DIY (Do It Yourself) kits on Amazon. You can choose between Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. The kits are made by Fashion Angels and after you made them you can decorate them with jewels and glitter. They are about 8 inches tall. You can order them for $5.49 each during the current sale. Their regular price will be $7.00