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Midnight in Canterlot Set Re-released at Toys"R"Us
Those who never got the opportunity to get their hands on a Minty brushable will probably rush to their local Toys"R"Us or their website after reading this: The Midnight in Canterlot set has been re-released, still with all the ponies from the original release back in 2013.
The set is available for $29.99, which sounds like steal to me, and can be bought on the TRU website or in local stores.
While the contents have not changed since the first released, the box has barely been touched either. Only the copyright year was updated to 2016, but the old logo is still their, as well was the 'hub'-logo from the TV-channel that has been renamed to Discovery Family almost 2 years ago.
The re-release of this set may also be the reason why Minty brushables have started to pop-up on eBay and Taobao again as of lately. With this release we don't think that Minty will be featured in another set for the near future.

Thanks to Felipe and Missy for the info!