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Store Finds: Christmas Plush, EqG Minis & Mug
A short store finds post this week, mainly to let you know that new Funrise Christmas plush are available, but also a mug and a cool announcement from Mexico!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Princess Luna Plush by Funrise

A few months ago Funrise announced that a Funrise Princess Luna Plush would be coming soon but after that we didn't hear much of it again. But today we got a report that she actually has been found at Toys'R'Us. She's the same size as the other Funrise Princesses. She has also been listed on the Toys'R'Us website and you can order her for $20.99.

Thanks to Judhudson for the heads up!

MLP Rarity Funrise 10 Inch Design 'n' Draw PlushMLP Rarity Funrise 10 Inch Design 'n' Draw Plush

During the London Toy Fair at the beginning of this year we got a look at some of the new plush ideas/prototypes from Funrise. One of the ideas shown were two Design 'n' Draw plush which you could decorate with some included markers. At that time they didn't show the plush themselves yet but instead they've showed some cardboard placeholders. After that we didn't hear much from them again until today as I stumbled upon these two listed on a Romanian website called "Noriel" You can order them there for 109.90 Lei which is about $26.50. But I'm almost a 100% sure these will arrive in the US as well like at Walmart, Target and the other large stores. If you find them let us know.

The Sweetie Drops & Sunset Shimmer plushies have been spotted at Walmart, but oddly enough appeared in 5" form, while Funrise only announced 10" & 12" plushies. They can be found in the usual plush aisle, but there seems to be no sign of the promised 10" variants yet. If you spot these in others sizes, please let us know!
Thanks to Snowy for the info!

MLP Princess Luna 18 Inch Funrise Plush
Yesterday Funrise posted a teaser of their upcoming Princess Luna Plush. But now they've already revealed the whole plush itself. As expected she's as large as the other Princess ponies standing about 18 Inch. (About 45 centimeters) According to their twitter page she will be released as Toys'R'Us soon.

Thanks to Steven for the heads up!

MLP Funrise Princess Luna Plush Teaser
As some of you know so far we've seen Plush of Celestia, Cadance and Twilight. But for some reason Princess Luna was very absent. Turns out the wait is finally over as Funrise posted this teaser of an upcoming Princess Luna Funrise Plush on their Twitter Page. We're still waiting for the full image but it's clear they haven't forgotten about her.


MLP Shining Armor 10 Inch Funrise Plush
It seems like Funrise had posted some new pony plushies on their website. Some of them have already been found in stores but there also also new ones! We have new characters like the CMC (who appeared in several stores already) But also brand new characters like... Shining Armor and Big Mcintosh! They even got a new body mold.

If you spot one of these in stores please let us know. Perhaps we can write a post about it. The database will be updated later today with these new additions.

MLP Funrise Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle
At the London Toy Fair last month we were able to take a look at Funrise's My Little Pony line-up for 2015. This line-up included CMC plushies, which have been spotted in stores! The two plushies shown in the photo were spotted at Walmart in Nova Scotia, Canada and were the only new plushies there. Walmart also had the Sweetie Drops (Bon Bon) and Lyra plushies in stock. It's currently unknown whether these are only released in Canada, or that Walmart US also sells them.
Thanks to Lisa for the info and photo!

Funrise My Little Pony Plush at London Toy Fair 2015
The London Toy Fair 2015 has ended about 2 weeks ago. We didn't saw much as most pictures were blurry. Except the Funrise stand. IdleHandsBlog managed to post some pictures. And there are lots of new Funrise Toys coming soon! Lets discuss them all below.

MLP Merch Launches Plush Database
With a lot of hard work we managed to finally release our brand new Plush Database! You can now look up almost all known Licensed MLP Plush (so no Frontwinner or OnlyFactory) It quite surprised me how many brands there are! Of course we keep expanding the database when we find new additions. Another thing is that when you want to know how many plushies there are of a specific pony, you just click on her/his name or type her/his name in the search bar.

Visit the Database here

If you see any errors please let us know! Also if you see any plush that's licensed but isn't listed in the database let us know as well. We would like to keep expanding our database. Of course you can comment on all the different pages.