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First My Little Pony G5 Plush Spotted on Taobao

While we were still posting about the latest G4 items hitting stores in the US and Europe, over in China the first G5 plush are already being posted online. The photos from this post originate from Taobao and their IdleFish "second-hand market" app. A user there apparently got hold of four G5 plush by Just Play, who released plenty of G4 plush in the past.

My Little Pony G5 Officially Announced

My Little Pony is making the jump to the 5th generation this year. The new generation will start with a Netflix-exclusive movie and series, as well as a new web-series on YouTube. Along with the new style of animation and characters come a brand new line of figures from Hasbro as well.


My Little Pony G5 Sunny the Earth Pony Screenshot
This monday a bedding manufacturer has listed an image for possible G5-themed bedding. It was already quite likely that this indeed would be the style for the fifth generation but now we have confirmation as well of the names of the main characters.