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Nightmare Night FiM Collection Small Story Packs on Amazon
Remember when Hasbro told us that most of their new stuff was coming fall 2016? As it appears July is now officially renamed to Fall, as another wave of merch has been released in this very month.
This time, it's the Small Story Packs from the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection.
The wave consists of 4 packs with either 2 figures or 1 figure and some accessories. All the sets are themed after Nightmare Night and are now available on Amazon through a 3rd party seller.
You can find all the sets, images and listings below (thanks to April for the heads-up):

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Scootaloo and Squeak Small Story Pack
In addition to the Single Story Packs of the Nightmare Night Themed FiM Collection, it looks like the small story packs have now been listed as well. Their listings only have some awesome HQ images but the descriptions of them all are just the generic ones so we don't get much info about removable parts yet. Expect these this fall, perhaps earlier.