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MLP Starsong Playskool Friends Glow Pony Plush Prototype
Let's talk about one of the youngest MLP Lines: The Playskool line, it was 2015 when we saw them for the first time. During that year we were also introduced to the Rainbow Dash Glow Pony, a plush that lights up and makes sound when you press her tummy. So far nothing interesting right?

Well yesterday I went to a French site and noticed a listing with a Glow Pony Starsong as seen above. I though to myself, perhaps it's just a listing for a new Glow Pony, but I couldn't find anything about an upcoming Starsong one. So, what if it's a prototype? Then I looked further and I came to the conclusion: Starsong was supposed to be the Glow Pony plush instead of Rainbow Dash.

MLP Playskool Friends Starsong 6 Inch Plush
The so-adorable Playskool Friends Plush are now available on Amazon. This was actually quite expected since these were revealed at the same time as the Activity Barn who's now available as well since today. The plush are $9.99 each and you can get Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Starsong.

MLP Applejack Playskool Friends 6 Inch Plush
EEEEP!! Look how adorable these cuties are! These have been spotted on Amazon and they are 6 inches tall. They also come with a little ribbon that sticks out of their hair. They aren't available on Amazon yet but as always we will notify you when they are. Aren't they just adorable?

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MLP Playskool Friends Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Starsong Bath Squirters
Entertainment Earth has listed some Playskool Bath Squirters yesterday but without images. The listing has been updated today to reveal the actual figures and... yeah aren't they absolutely adorable? By the looks of it they each have an unique mold. According to the listing thew will arrive this November.

MLP All About MLP Merch Amy as a Playskool Pony
The first Playskool ponies have already been released for some months and by the looks of it we will receive some new sets! Entertainment Earth has just listed some new Playskool items. The first is a 4-pack which includes Bumblesweet, Daisy Dreams, Minty and Applejack. It's unsure if these are just the four we already got or that some new molds have been made. The second listing is a 3-pack with Pinkie Pie, Starsong and Applejack Bath Squirters. Both items will be available this November.

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Playskool Friends Musical Celebration Castle
Yesterday we reported that the Playskool Celebration Castle has been listed on the Walmart website. But for those who want to order this playset on Amazon... well you can now! It has been listed on Amazon for $29.99 and it will come with the exclusive Pinkie Pie and Star Song figures. So far this is the only way to get these two.

Playskool Friends Musical Celebration CastlePlayskool Friends Musical Celebration Castle

Playskool Friends My Little Pony Minty Figure
We already knew that Playskool would also include  My Little Pony as some of their new toys. And now we've gotten images of them! A line within this series is the line with several figures of a lot of different Ponies. Ponies we already know but also some of older generations. But... just look at them. They are so adorable! Don't you think?