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MLP TY Princess Luna Plush
I need to go to the hospital in about 30 minutes to get two of my wisdom teeth removed but before I go I wanted to post about these as I've spotted them this morning. It turns out that TY still isn't done making MLP Plush and now they've made the three princesses. Judging by the images I would guess that they are a bit larger then the standard sized ponies. So far these haven't been spotted in stores as we haven't got any reports yet. If you spot them please let us know!

MLP Luisa Via Roma Save the Childeren Rainbow Dash Plush by Roberto Cavalli

This is quite an awesome project. Some of you might remember the G3 Pony Project: "25 Ponies for 25 Years" ,back in 2008 were several artist designed their own pony. The ponies were then auctioned and the money went to charity. It seems like the same has happened not long ago as the Italian Company called Luisa Via Roma hosted an event together with Hasbro, were several Fashion Designers and brands designed/decorated their own Rainbow Dash Plush.  After that they went up for auction on Ebay. The money would then go to help the children in Nepal.

Have a look at all of them below. I think these are awesome. Too bad they are quite expensive but the money goes to charity so that's always nice. Who's your fav?

Ty Tinsel Keychain Plushies
A little while back TY released their new line of tinsel-hair plushies. This line does not only consist of the 8 and 16 inch plushies, but also in keychain size. Those keychain plushies are now available at Five Below for only $3.99 each. In the UK and Europe these have also been spotted at Claire's, but they're a bit more pricey there. Below we also have some comparison picture (right), showing that Ty changed their production process to include embroidered eyes and cutie marks, instead of painted/printed ones. This looks so much better for pony plushies and is probably more resistant to scratches as well.
Thanks to Steven for the info and images!

TY Beanie Babies Twilight Sparkle
About a week ago TY revealed some brand new plush of the Mane Six. Now the Beanie Babies ones are available on Amazon! You can order them all for $6.95 each. Right now it seems like there's only one of each available. We hope they actually have more!



Rarity TY Plush
It seems like the designs of the regular TY Ponies have been changed! The TY website has added some new Pony Plushies. Again we have the mane six. But several changed have been made. As you can see the pattern had quite changed.

First we can see that the manes are styled a lot more different and tinsel had now been added as well to their manes. Their body has also changed with longer noses. The 8 inch versions seem much shorter now as well! Some of the Ponies also received different eye styles like Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Overall I really like the new look! They look a lot better now. What do you think of them?

It's not sure if they are already available in stores. According to the website from TY they are. Can you please let us know if you find these? :)

Thanks a bunch to Kitty for letting us know! Below I've made a comparison with the old versions and their new versions. The new styles are available as both 8 inch and 16 inch Plushies.

MLP Merch Launches Plush Database
With a lot of hard work we managed to finally release our brand new Plush Database! You can now look up almost all known Licensed MLP Plush (so no Frontwinner or OnlyFactory) It quite surprised me how many brands there are! Of course we keep expanding the database when we find new additions. Another thing is that when you want to know how many plushies there are of a specific pony, you just click on her/his name or type her/his name in the search bar.

Visit the Database here

If you see any errors please let us know! Also if you see any plush that's licensed but isn't listed in the database let us know as well. We would like to keep expanding our database. Of course you can comment on all the different pages.

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Fake 7 Inch Alicorn Pinkie Pie Plushies
Today these new fake plushies have been spotted on Taobao, closely resembling the designs of Ty Beanie plushies. The plushies come in 4 colors, but all of them are alicorns with Pinkie Pie's cutie mark. The quality seems a bit low, especially when we look at the orange one. All of them have short curly hair (which doesn't really fit) in either brown or pink. According to their listing they are 7 inches tall and they come with a tag that I'm not familiar with (possibly a fake Chinese brand tag).
Which color is your favourite? Let us know in the comments :)

MLP Merch Poll
This is the first poll that actually has a very close winner and 2nd place! In MLP Merch Poll #3 we asked you which plush manufacturer your favourite is, and the winner with 34.9% is Build-a-Bear! The second place with 31.6% of the votes goes to 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) and then there's a big gap until we find 3rd place: TY with 11.4%. Below that are Funrise (10%), Aurora (9.7%), Nici (1.7%) and Famosa is last with 0.7% of the votes.

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MLP Merch Poll
The results of the second MLP Merch Poll are impressive! A stunning 81% of our visitors is excited about Cutie Mark Magic, and the majority of you will definitely get some of the new ponies, awesome! 12% of the voters are not interested in Cutie Mark Magic and another 5% had no idea these toys were found!

Japanese plushies in the UK (source)
You might already know that claw machines with MLP plushies as prizes exist, but did you know there are other plushies than the Japanese ones? We've also found images of claw machines that contain TY beanie plushies and Aurora plushies! They have been spotted in both the USA and UK, and possibly in other countries too, so be on the lookout for these when you visit an arcade hall or fair!