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MLP T-Shirt Sale at Unamee - $11 Each!
Unamee has another special MLP sale with all shirts going for $11! Currently there are 13 designs on sale, 2 of which are made by own very own Ilona! Remember that the sale only lasts for 1 week, and that there are various colors available for each design.

MLP Unamee Weekly Pony Shirts
Again Unamee is selling MLP Related T-Shirts for $11 for only this week. A lot of Pony Shirts are available right now with a total of 12 Weekly Shirt and currently 1 daily one (lasting only 24 hours). For those who know my work you might recognise two of my designs. The Rarity Investigates one is actually an exclusive one just for Unamee, (The other one only has the bottom Rarity) These shirts will be gone on October 9th 2015

Have the listings below!

Daily Sale:

MLP Unamee Daily Pony Shirt

Weekly Sale:

MLP Unamee Weekly Pony Shirts

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MLP Princess Celestia Unamee Shirt

And again Unamee is selling a Pony shirt on their website for only 72 hours. There are also shirts that will last a week. You can find these in the post we wrote yesterday. Some people who know me may recognize this design as it is again one of mines.

You can order this design here.

Talking about shirts. We have a question: We don't post much about new T-Shirts on websites like WeLoveFine etc... would you guys like it if we keep posting about these? Feel free to post your opinion in the comment section below.

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Right now Unamee is selling Pony Shirts again. This week you can order 6 awesome My Little Pony Tees for only $11! These will be gone next Friday (August 7) So be sure to get them fast. In addition to those you can also order a shirt of Crystal Rarity, this design will only be available for 72 hours! Another (perhaps cool) fact is that this is actually one of my own designs!