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MLP Mech PollMLP Mech Poll Results of #25
In last week's poll we asked you whether you're going to get the Equestria Girls Happy Meal toys. An overwhelming 33.6% is planning to get them all and another 15.6% will get at least one doll at McDonalds. Another big percentage (22.6%) will get one of them when they happen to be at a McDonalds, but will not plan a trip to get one of the toys. And 23.5% says that they will not get any, either because they don't like them or not want to eat at McDonalds.

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MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks at Argos
The newer series of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks dolls like the Slumber Party and Rockin' Hairstyle dolls are finally releasing in the UK. Both Smyths and Argos have them listed on their site and Argos released them in their catalogue as well, with an additional sale on 2 single dolls from Rainbow Rocks or the Equestria Girls Collection for £20. You can find them in stores or buy them online with the listings found below.
Thanks to Katy and Carwyynx for the info!

Wild Rainbow Scootaloo BrushableWild Rainbow Design-a-Pony Scootaloo

Seems like the Wild Rainbow Line won't be exclusive to only Target. It seems like the Argos website has listed almost all the Wild Rainbow merchandise. For those who don't know, Argos is a retailer in the UK similar to Walmart and Target.

Apple Bloom Wild Rainbow BrushableScootaloo Wild Rainbow BrushableSweetie Belle Wild Rainbow Brushable
The Wild Rainbow brushable Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have appeared on eBay. eBay seller mh-4u1time listed them, complete with packaging. On this packaging we can see that, as with the other Wild Rainbow merch, they are once again Target exclusive. However, this is the first time that the packaging actually mentions the animal-print hair. The store price is currently unknown, but the eBay listings have a buy now price of $13.00.
Thanks to Roman and eBay seller mh-4u1time for the info and images. Below the cut we have some more:

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After a 2 month wait the Design-a-Pony Scootaloo finally received her packaging and official listing at Target. According to the sticker she's a Target exclusive, which wasn't shown on the Wild Rainbow CMC Dolls and POP set. However, the sets have only been seen on the Target website, and nowhere else, so it's still possible that Wild Rainbow will be completely Target exclusive. Within the 2 months no new design-a-pony figures have been found, so for now we assume that Scootaloo will be the only Wild Rainbow Design-a-Pony.
As usual, the Design-a-Pony comes with various stickers and markers do decorated the pony, as you can see below.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Wild Rainbow Equestria Girls
A few days ago some Equestria Girls Dolls of the Cutie Mark crusaders were found on Taobao. (article here) Now one of our readers pointed out that Target has listed them for pre-order! You can get these for $29.99 and they will arrive in stores on 12 August 2014. They will be part of the Wild Rainbow Line, its unknown if this will be an target exclusive line since I don't see any stickers that says Target Exclusive. But the fact that this set is listed on Targets website makes it all a bit confusing. We hope to give you the answer as soon as possible! You can find the listing here.

Below the cut we have some more pictures. Thanks a lot Ego/Princess Celestia for the heads up!

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Wild Rainbow Folders

Seems like some new Wild Rainbow Merchandise is starting to appear. This time they are folders and they have been found at Target. Will Wild Rainbow be perhaps an Target exclusive line? I'm not sure since the CMC gets a lot of attention in this line and for me it would be strange if they limit it to only one store.

I guess that we all have to wait and see. :) More information and articles about the Wild Rainbow line here.

CMC (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle)Wild Rainbow Equestria Girls dolls.
CMC Wild Rainbow Equestria Girls dolls.
Seems like we will also get smaller Equestria Girls dolls! And this time we have the CMC! Don't they just look adorable! They will be themed after the "Wild Rainbow" theme as we see the animal patterns on their clothes. No other information is known right now because they were found on Taobao.

Thanks to MoonShadow from the MLP Arena for the heads up! You can find more Wild Rainbow Related news here!


Hasbo POP Wild Rainbow CMC Set

Again some new "Wild Rainbow" themed merchandise starts to pop up! This time it is the CMC featuring in a Hasbo POP set! All the 3 will come together in one playset. This item was listed on Target for $17.99.

 Below the cut we have some more information and a picture of the packaging.

 CMC Rainbow Power / Wild Rainbow Bike
Walmart has listed a peculiar MLP kids bike on their site this week. The listing states that this bike is part of the Rainbow Power series, but the design of the CMC makes us think about the Wild Rainbow series. The bike is being sold for $82.66 and has 12" wheels. I have no idea if that is a fair price, I'm personally more interested in the design that raises even more questions about the upcoming Wild Rainbow series. The wheels, bag and frame have images of the CMC with the familiar wild cat prints in their mane (not on the legs though) and the saddle and wheels have a wild cat background. The text on the bike, however, doesn't say anything related to Wild Rainbow, only 'Rainbow Power'.
I'm really wondering how big this Wild Rainbow series is going to be. We're still waiting for more brushable, so far we only have the CMC. We do however have a diary with Wild Rainbow themed Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Can't wait for more! (Thanks to anonymous reader for the info)