While we're already in the fall, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are approaching, we're still not seeing a lot of new releases in stores. Nevertheless we've compiled all the latest My Little Pony store finds for you (and there's still plenty to show you)!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Wave 2 Potion Singles

Over at Target the second wave of Potion Pony singles have been found, which features Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Quite a small wave, but very welcome for those who're looking to complete the Mane 6!
(Thanks to Victor & Crazy_Pony_Gal)

US - Pony Life Calendar & Markers

At Dollar Tree you're able to score these cute 16-month calendar and markers set with Pony Life theme. And yes, they're just a dollar each!
(Thanks to Jessie & Victor)

US - Closer Look at Hershey's Kisses Figures

Earlier we reported on the finding of these blue boxes of Hershey's Kisses with an included My Little Pony figure, but weren't able to share much about the contents. But this week, thanks to Samantha, we can share detailed photos of the packaging, contents and ALL available figures!
Important to know here is that every box only contains 1 figure, and buying a full tray will not guarantee a complete set of the Mane 6 minus 1.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Online - MLP x Dungons & Dragons Start to Ship

This set got lots of attention when it was first announced, and we're happy to share that the pre-ordered sets are now being shipped. For those who missed the original announcement: the Crossover Collection MLP x DnD Cutie Marks & Dragons features 5 ponies inspired by Dungeons & Dragons with outfits, a bonus D20 and Dungeon Master's screen including lore for the ponies.
The set is currently sold out on Hasbro's own Pulse site, but should still be available on Entertainment Earth. Other Crossover Collection figures can be found on Amazon.
(Thanks to Victor)

Australia - Cute Home Accessories

My Little Pony fans in Australia should definitely take a look at what Adairs has in store! As part of their kids line they launched a set of My Little Pony home accessories! There's a basket, framed poster, sofa, pillowcase, quilt cover and even a super cute Fluttershy night light!
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - Pony Life Thermos and Hair Accessories on Amazon

Aside from the toys and collectibles categories, there's plenty more My Little Pony-themed stuff on Amazon! Thanks to a keen eye these Pony Life 12 ounce Thermos bottle and hair accessory set was spotted.
(Thanks to Samantha)

UK - New Home Bargains (Retro) Merch

When you're in the UK and have a Home Bargains nearby, certainly check them out for this new pastel My Little Pony merch! Bath bombs, a scented notebook and retro notebooks and pencil case are part of this new line-up. Aside from the pink pencil case there's also a green one, but this wasn't available at the time.
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - Cutie Mark Crew Plush Keychains

Weren't able to get the Cutie Mark Crew keychain plushies last year? Over at Gabe's you can now get them for just $2.99 each.
(Thanks to SugaLawliet)

Online - Fashion Squad 7-Pack

According to the reviews this set has been out for a while, but I think we missed it here on the blog. So, as a reminder: the Fashion Squad 7-pack is now available on Amazon and features figures of the Mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer with plenty of outfits to mix and match.
Note that the listing indeed does not show you the packaging, and with good reason: they're packed in a brown cardboard box without any details. Eco-friendly, but a big step down from the otherwise very playful Fashion Squad packaging.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - My Little Pony Crafts Items

Over on a website I have never heard of before, Craft Box Factory, you can now get some brand new My Little Pony crafts supplies. Including this Colorups Build-a-Pinkie Pie paper craft set, Party Sugar DIY glitter tattoo sets and various sticker sets.
(Thanks to Victor)


  1. i wish there was a brushable of cha cha the llama and pets among the brushbles that are the same size as littlest pet shop and have the even eyes like the ponys and moving around heads would you like to ask hasbro

  2. The cutie marks & dragons thing would have been better with the Mane 6 & Spike.

    1. I disagree. Im tired of collecting the mane 6.