Licensed Merch From China Update (Kayou, ReeSee & Dinosaw)

A lot of news has come from China in the past days, and to prevent our blog flooding with smaller posts we're combining them here in this collected blog. We'll take a close look at the new trading cards from Kayou, loads of plush by ReeSee and a collection of blind bag figures from Dinosaw.

My Little Pony Trading Cards Series 5 by Kayou

We already had a quick look at the upcoming series, but now a lot more information on this new set is out. The artwork and card design is stunning again featuring a wide variety of G4 characters across the 154 card set. The cards with SC-rarity even feature some unique artwork. More art on XiaoHongShu.

My Little Pony Plush Line-Up by ReeSee

Over at the Toy & Edu Fair in China, ReeSee revealed their line-up of My Little Pony G4 plush, which they are planning to release in May this year. Included are pony plush, plush bags, plush dolls, plush hangers, plush faces (inspired by Funko MyMoji?) and chibi plush that look like Cutie Mark Crew. The pony plush are designed by NKPlush (known from Symbiote Studio).
Also seen are huge plush of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, but these will not be for sale and only serve as decoration for their stand.

My Little Pony Blind Bags by Dinosaw

And it's not just G4 merch that is being released in China: Dinosaw is going to release a My Little Pony blind box/bag series featuring only mane 5 characters. Aside from regular painted figures, the set also includes metallic and glow-in-the-dark (both open and closed eyes) finishes and alternative poses.

Many thanks to RDB for the information and photos!


  1. Wow, Too many merch, so cute, adorable and fluffy, really, I want ALL!!!

  2. I can't wait!!

  3. i wonder if non-chinese fans will be able to buy these through aliexpress or similar sites?

  4. the blind bag ponies are really cute <3 its too bad that its only the mane 5 ponies that are being used. I also adore the food themed plush too <3