MLP The Movie Rainbow Dash Undersea Sports Movie Scene Pack
About a month ago we spotted a lot of new Amazon Listings. Turns out that some of them have gotten some nice HQ Stock images and information. We get a look at the third wave of the All About Brushables, but we also see some brand new items like the Movie Scene Pack with Rainbow Dash as well as the second wave of the Glitter & Style Seapony brushables. 

Have the information, images and listings below! No word yet on availability though. Expect them this November/December.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Possible new Minis Figures
The official Polish Equestria Girls Instagram account just posted this image on their feed. We all know that the normal Equestria Girls dolls got a whole new look so what about the Minis? Well this image clearly shows a new kind of Equestria Girls Minis. First of all the whole look is way more Chibi-like with less detail int he eyes. Second, some articulation has also been removed like with the knees and arms. Third: the clothes are also way less detailed.

MLP Merch Poll #148MLP Merch Poll #147 Results
Last week we asked you what you thought of My Little Pony the Movie, if you've already seen it. And first off we want to say that we're pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that already saw it! About three quarter of the respondents has seen the movie, and of those by far most people are blown away by it: 45%! Another group of 17% is positive, giving it 4 out of 5 stars, and then we see a small group of just below 9% that gives it 3 stars. That leaves a small percentage of 2.5% not liking the movie, but with only 10 votes in total the group that gives it 1 or 2 stars is almost nothing.

Store Finds: Happy Meal, Radz Plusheez, Tempest Plush & More
We've got a bit less news in comparison to previous weeks, but that's not problem as we still have loads to show you! Everything is from the US though, perhaps next week we'll see some more international releases.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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MLP Merch Version 6.0 is here!
We're happy to announce that we've finally released the 6th version of MLP Merch! This version is mainly focused on the database, and below you can find all details on this update.
Important: There's a change in how logins are handled in this version, and while this greatly improves ease of use, you are required to login when you visit the databases the next time. This is only required once, after that you can keep logged in.

MLP Merch Poll #147MLP Merch Poll #146 Results
Last week we asked you what you think of the new Equestria Girls dolls again, trying to compare the results with an earlier poll that was held before we saw the final doll designs. Sadly we see that the overall verdict is less positive now, with the group loving them dropping from 19% to 16% and the group who thinks they're much worse are up from 31% to 38% now, showing that the final dolls didn't make a very good impact so far. Perhaps people will turn their opinion once they're found in stores.

Fascinations Announces My Little Pony Metal Earth Model Kits
Ponies made out of metal is not something you see everyday, but soon they will be available for everyone! Building kit manufacturer Fascinations has announced a special series under their Metal Earth line that features My Little Pony building kits. With these sets you can craft your own 3D metal pony out of a single sheet of metal. There's no glue or soldering required as the metal parts are held together by bendable tabs. And don't worry, instructions are included!
The complete mane 6 will be available, and the square metal sheets measure 4" in diameter, so expect the figures to be a bit smaller than that. Each figure is fully colored and will cost $9.99 each, and can only be pre-ordered at BigBadToyStore at this moment.

Store Finds: Funko Seaponies, Stickers, Long Awaited Sets & Much More
We're back with another weekly store finds post! This time we've got loads and loads of submits, and aside from the US we'll also look at My Little Pony Merch news from the UK, Sweden and Australia. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

The Ultimate My Little Pony the Movie Merchandise Guide
My Little Pony is back on the silver screen! After 7 seasons it's time for the first movie in My Little Pony's Friendship is Magic series, hitting theaters on October 6th.
And with this release in mind, we from MLPMerch.com decided to compile all the Movie Merchandise that's available in one ultimate post. This ranges from figures and plush to costumes, books and even collectible figures.

In the post below you'll be able to find all information on official toys and merchandise, including some information, images and where to get them.
Jump to: Brushables - Blind Bags - Guardians of Harmony - Plush - Funko - Books - Clothes - Miscellaneous

MLP Merch Poll #146MLP Merch Poll #145 Results
Last week we asked you how you were planning on watching MLP the Movie. And we see that there are quite a few dedicated fans out there! Over 63% of you is going to watch it at the premiere or very shortly after, that's gigantic! Another group of 13% will watch in the following week and 6% later when the theaters are more quiet. Of those watching it later we see that 4% choose to buy a disc-version, 5% on Netflix and 7% will find another way to watch. Only 2% is not going to see the movie in any way.
And if you've missed our posts on social media: We'll be at the Dutch premiere next week! Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog and social media as we'll cover the event!