New Sets With Sunny & Pipp Coming in 2022

Online two brand new My Little Pony sets have been found that are most likely going to be released in early 2022: the Royal Room Reveal with a Pipp Petals figure and a set with Sunny Starscout that's currently labeled as 'Spring Driver' and 'Color Game Lantern'. Both sets come with surprising new features not seen in earlier sets!

Alicorn Sunny Figure Combined With 2-Wheel Scooter

Those that are subscribed to our database newsletter might have been surprised by a brand new alicorn figure of Sunny Starscout! And we added her in the other figures database instead of the main figures database, so where is she coming from?

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My Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Series One Review

This fall Mighty Jaxx did a 180 in regards to their My Little Pony figures: from partly dissected ponies to the cute Kwistal Fwenz. There was a little delay in the delivery, but we finally received our review box (thanks Mighty Jaxx!) and can take a look at this brand new line of collectible figures.

Know that the $10 off $100 offer in the Mighty Jaxx store is still available! All you need to do is create an account with this referral link (we'll also receive a small kickback).

My Little Pony A New Generation Hitch Trailblazer Rockin' Ranger Figure

So far we've seen Single 6-Inch releases of the Mane Five of the newest My Little Pony Genertion, all except one: Hitch Trailblazer. But no more, as Walmart.com has listed the brand new Rockin' Ranger Hitch Trailblazer!

This 6-inch tall Hitch Trailblazer comes with a flocked mane and brushable tail, and 16 different accesories to give him several types of looks like a Sheriff or a performer at the Royal Gala. He also comes with an adorable animal friend.

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My Little Pony Holiday Gift Guide 2021

In need of some My Little Pony gift ideas for this year's holidays, but haven't found the perfect gift yet? After the release of My Little Pony: A New Generation on Netflix there is so much to choose from, but we're happy to help! At MLP Merch we've been following the release of new pony figures, toys and merchandise since 2014, and have compiled a new gift guide for the 2021 holidays.

We aim to make a guide with gifts for everyone: from budget-friendly ponies to flagship releases, and gifts for small kids to adult collectors. We also try our best to include listings that ship international from Amazon, so anyone is able to order. This guide is not sponsored, but does include affiliate links to help us maintain the site.

Symbiote Studios Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash Plush Coming Nov 15th

Even after the release of MLP: A New Generation we're seeing new G4 merch being released, showing that Hasbro is still game on licensing the mane 6 from Friendship is Magic. Another example of this is the recent announcement from Symbiote Studios for 12" tall plush of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. It has now been revealed that they're coming really soon: November 15th!

Store Finds: Inflatable Christmas Ponies, Tiny Styling Head, Happy Hair & More

We have plenty of pony merch to share with you today! Mostly (brand new) licensed merch from around the globe, but also news on Hasbro G5 figures in Europe.

If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Dollar General Releases (Best) Movie Friends 2-Packs

It's been a quiet week in regards to news and releases, but thanks to @UnicornToyBox we finally have something new to share with you, and it's pretty interesting! Over at Dollar General you can now find these 2-packs of 3" figures combining both Movie Friends (molded-mane) and Best Movie Friends (brushable) figures in one pack for $8.

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My Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty Jaxx

We had to wait more than a month but from today on you can now order the brand new adorable Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty Jaxx! Each figure is chibi-shaped with their manes resembling crystal, each pony is also addorned with a small accessoiry like Rainbow Dashes goggles and Applejack's apples. This series also contains a chase figure which is Twilight Sparkle with Celestia's color scheme. When you purchase a case of six you'll have the chance to get this rare version of Twilight.

Secret Rings Series 2 Released at Target + Look at Unreleased Figures

Sometimes we are teased for months before a new set is released, but this time we have quite the opposite: at Target the first My Little Pony Secret Rings series 2 blind bags have been spotted, before we got any official listings!