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MLP The Movie Fashion Seaponies & Seashell Lagoon Sets Available
Another update from Amazon right now with the availability of various new MLP The Movie sets, including the Fashion Style seaponies! It's the first official batch that's being sold, in contrast to the somewhat overpriced third party listings from the past weeks.
The first wave of the Land & Sea Fashion Style ponies consist of Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who are available for $11.99 each. They have 8 points of articulation and come with a seapony tail, which is removable.
Princess Skystar, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are available in the first Glitter & Style set for MLP The Movie, and they come combined with several accessories each. They have glossy eyes and translucent wings, but their seapony tail is permanent. They're priced at $16.99 a piece.
And finally there's the Seashell Lagoon playset, for $39.99, with Pinkie Pie and a beautiful light-up wall and bubble maker. As usual Hasbro didn't save on accessories for this playset, so you'll get plenty of food, pearls, crown, furniture and even a fish to keep Pinkie Pie company.

All Amazon Listings:
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Fluttershy
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Princess Skystar
- My Little Pony The Movie Land & Sea Glitter & Style Twilight Sparkle
- My Little Pony The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset (With Pinkie Pie)

We've also added the listings to our curated MLP The Movie merch list on Amazon, which includes all currently available sets and figures.

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MLP The Movie Book Update - 11 New Books
We saved up a few book announcement for another big post on MLP The Movie books. Aside from reading books we also have some activity, puzzle books and a calendar for 2018. There is also a new busy book, infamous for the figures that it included. We're certainly interested in what figures it will include this time! What we do know, is that one of the books, Dive into Adventure, does include a very nicely molded seapony Pinkie Pie.
Below we have all details currently available on the new books, including (pre-order) listings and cover images for all.

My Little Pony the Movie Jelly Bee Baby Seapony
Looks like the first wave of the Baby Seaponies are now available for order on Amazon. They are $6.99 each and they are classified as add-on items which means that these items ship with qualifying orders over $25. Have the listings below!

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Disguise Songbird Serenade Costume Pops-Up At Target
On the Target website a listing has shown up for a deluxe costume of Songbird Serenade by Disguise for $25. While Disguise recently announced their full line-up of MLP The Movie costumes, and this one wasn't part of that. That fact combined with the info that all Songbird Serenade so far are only available at Target is a strong hint that this costume is going to be another Target exclusive.
Below is the description that Target provides for the costume, which will be available in sizes S (4-6) and M (7-8):
Become your favorite pony, the hottest musical act in Equestria, Songbird Serenade in our Songbird Deluxe costume. Get the complete Songbird look with our tunic, pants, glovettes and mask. Tunic features matte satin fabric on bodice and shimmer organza glitter fabric with cutie mark skirting overlay. Pants have elastic waistband and flare hem with glitter organza fabric.

My Little Pony Seapony Collection Set
Another new listing has appeared on Amazon called the My Little Pony Seapony Collection. This strange set includes three seaponies of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Princess Skystar. Princess Skystar already has two releases with this body so this will be her third. The Pinkie Pie one is the one that also comes with the Seashell Lagoon Playset and Sea Song one. The Rainbow Dash one is actually new since we never got a solid-colored one. They also come with some small accessories like a turtle for Rainbow Dash. The listing itself is still kinda vague with non-stock images so far and the picture of the packaging is just... well.. a normal box. I expect we'll here more info soon.

Argos Reveals Two New MLP The Movie Sets
We haven't seen any images yet, but Argos launched two mysterious listings about seapony figures for MLP The Movie. Interesting to see is that both sets will feature options to decorate or customize the characters.
The first set, called Deco Party with a 6" Rarity comes with two fabric skirts in the same of seapony tails and two markers to decorate those skirts. This sounds like a new type of Fashion Style!
Cutie Mark Pack is the name of the other set and comes with Tempest Shadow and the full mane 6. They're customizable with included glitter stickers of cutie marks. Sadly the listings does not mention anything about their size, but judging by the pricing they'll be regular brushables.
Argos is the first website to list these figures, but Argos is also known for sharing exclusive with Target. So maybe these will pop-up there soon too. We'll keep you posted!
Listings at Argos (United Kingdom only) can be found below:
- My Little Pony Deco Party (£25.99)
- My Little Pony Cutie Mark Pack (£39.99)

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for the first available sets!

My Little Pony the Movie Friendship Festival Festival Foes Brushable Set
SDCC is still going and they have revealed two new sets for the Toys'R'Us Exclusive Friendship Festival Line! The first set is a 3-pack with Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Tempest Shadow herself and it's called "Festival Foes" (with Spike of course being the largest foe of them all. *cough*) The second set that they showed contains all the three princesses like most of us actually already expected. It's called "Princess Parade" None of them are listed on the Toys'R'Us website but we'll let you know when they do.

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So about a week ago we spotted a Fashion-Style sized Pinkie Pie Seapony on Amazon completely covered with Glitter. At first we had no idea how she would be released. A SDCC Exclusive? A Hascon Exclusive? Maybe she was a collectors exclusive for a certain store? Well we finally got the answer has Hasbro had her on Display during this year's Comic Con and as you can see she will be a Amazon Exclusive. This is great news for a lot of people since more people can get a hand on hear much easier (and probably cheaper as well)

My Little Pony the Movie Twilight Sparkle Undersea Carriage Brushable
She was already listed in our database for quite some time but we never got some images of her until now. I'm talking about the Twilight Sparkle Undersea Carriage. One of our readers got a hold of some of the new movie brushables and included with them was an insert which shows the carriage itself. Like Pinke Pie and Rarity, Twilight Sparkle also had molded instead of brushable hair. What do you like more? Brushable hair or molded manes?

Thanks a lot to Richiesams for the image!

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Exclusive Songbird Serenade MLP The Movie Plush Shown at SDCC
Over at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comic Con more exclusive merch has been shown. This time in the form of three new plush: A Songbird Serenade plush that will be exclusive for Target, a Toys"R"Us exclusive Tempest Shadow and a Rainbow Dash in pirate outfit that will only be available at Walmart.
We're estimating that Songbird Serenade is 12" tall and the others around 10".
It's remarkable to see that these are yet again exclusive figures, as these are definitely not the first exclusive figures that will be released for MLP The Movie: Target has an exclusive line of merch, and will receive a singing Songbird Serenade figure soon.
Thanks to Anto for the photos!

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for the first available sets!