First Twilight Sparkle & Princess Skystar Set Found in Stores
Right after the store finds post from yesterday we heard that the first MLP The Movie-exclusive character has hit the store shelves: The two-pack with Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Skystar has been spotted in a Target store in the US.
We didn't hear of a definitive release date for the MLP The Movie sets, but this release might be earlier than Hasbro intended, so don't expect your local Target to carry these just yet. As a side note, the Amazon listing is still unavailable as we write this.
Credits to Bunny for the photo!

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MLP The Movie Book Update: 8 New Book Covers
The fact that MLP The Movie is going to be big is not only visible in the amount of promotional videos and official toys that's being release by the dozens, but in the book department there is a huge rise in MLP The Movie-themed books as well! Today we have a collection of 8 more books that are either brand new or have received a cover recently. We have one exception in this list, and that's the "Ultimate My Little Pony Guide". While it's not movie-themed we expect it to have quite some content around the movie, as it's release around the same date as the other books.
As you expect from us we include all information at hand, including summaries, pre-order prices and cover art.
(Disclaimer: Summary and title information might include spoilers for the movie!)

Store Finds: DJ Pon-3 and Two-Pack Brushables
It's been a while since our last store finds post, so we're very sorry if some of the news is a bit on the late side. However, not a lot of news came in so we have quite a short one, focusing on our own store finds and a few from the US. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Merch Poll #128MLP Merch Poll #127 Results
Last week we asked for your first reaction to the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle figure, and as we slightly expected already "Scary" won! The re-design of the FurReal Friends StarLily does not look as nice and friendly to most people as Hasbro might have hoped. Actually, the only noteworthy response was Scare, as the others are pretty evenly divided around 10-12% of the votes. The least voted option, aside from "other", was Boring.

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My Little Pony Princess Cadance Hasbro Feature Wings Plush
A new Feature Wings Plush has been spotted on Amazon. It isn't that big of a surprise that it's Cadance as Princess Celestia and Luna were released before her. The concept is still the same: press her leg and her wings flutter. Her expected retail price will be most likely be $25 as well.(and +30 euros in European Countries which is kinda ridiculous imo). By the way did you know that Celestia and Luna are now on sale on Amazon?

My Little Pony Daring Do Guardians of Harmony Figure

Good new for those who were waiting for the Guardians of Harmony Applejack and Daring Do figures to be released: Amazon has now listed them as available! They cost $9.99 each and will ship the 29th of May. We also get several reports already of these being found at Walmart. You can find the listing below:

Wave 21 Blind Bags Listed on Amazon: First Moon Dancer Figure
Over on Amazon the first images of wave 21 blind bags have been shared on the listing currently still cryptically called "Kiosk Pony 7 Doll and Accessories". The figures included in this new wave is quiet interesting for various reasons, starting with the first official release of a Moon Dancer figure (ignoring the semi-related Playskool figure).
Secondly, the theme: There's a mix of crystal ponies and members of the apple family, two quite opposite themes mixed into one set. This set could be focused on Applejack and Rarity, of which the latter is not included, or it could be the theme of an upcoming episode or MLP The Movie. But honestly it can also be completely random as a one-off theme for this set.
And finally, in this wave a new style of chase figures is introduced with large glitter flakes on their mane and tail, which included Moon Dancer, a Royal Guard, Savvy Saddles, Trenderhoof and Svengallop.
Below we have a list of all characters included in this wave, including our current guess for the codes (of course we couldn't confirm them yet). You can also see the full list in our Blind Bag Database.

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MLP Teepublic May Sale
Its that time again. All merchandise on Teepublic is now on sale and that means that all tees are now only $14! For the occasion I've managed to make three new designs, one of Pufferfish Spike for the upcoming Movie and two themed after Daybreaker. You can find the listings below!

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Big Amazon Sale On Latest MLP Toys
Amazon has an incredible sale right now with loads of very recent My Little Pony toys and merch with sweet discounts. This includes Reboot Series brushables, plush, EqG Minis, fashion styles and several other lines. As we're writing this the Fan Series Discord figure is only just over $5 and the Coco Pommel Fashion Style is even less! Check the listings below for all deals. Enjoy!
(Prices below are snapshots of when this post was created. Always check the Amazon listing for the current pricing)

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New Playskool Play Set With Angel Coming Soon
Promotional images of a new Playskool Friends playset. simply called "Treehouse", have been released online. The photos show a big playset with various points of interaction to be used with the My Little Pony Playskool Friends characters.
It's a bit vague which characters are actually included and which were added to fill up the setting of the photos, but one thing to notice is the first release of Angel. In the images it isn't really clear whether Fluttershy's pet will be a loos character or part of the playset scenery, but the design is different from the earlier announced bunny-character.
The current MSRP is around $70, which is pretty steep, so I expect some loose characters to be included with this set to justify that price. Hopefully we'll have more information on the included items once this set hits Amazon.