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Target Releases Magic of Everypony Roundup Blind Bag Set
At first we thought it was just the name of a set, but Target is getting a full line-up of exclusive figures under the name of Magic of Everypony. At a Target in California this blind bags set was found which bears the name Magic of Everypony: Roundup, which features a total of 10 blind bags.
The three princesses have a pearl finish and all use the Princess Cadance blind bag mold. The mane 6 also have their usual molds, but do have an updated eye design. The real new figure here is Tempest Shadow, who got a different look from her Friendship is Magic Collection counterpart.
The set is available for $19.99 and is, just like the whole Magic of Everypony series, only available at Target.
Thanks to 759Silver for the photo!

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My Little Pony the Movie Trading Cards by Enterplay
A few weeks ago ToyWiz made some listings for a My Little Pony the Movie Trading Card Series, but today Enterplay has posted a small preview for these on their official Facebook page. We can see some of the main characters for the movie and the design of the cards, and I think that they look lovely. I love the dark colors a lot in contrast to the bright ones of the ponies.
Are you excited for this series? What do you hope to see? I would love to see some 3D-like cards!

Exclusive Songbird Serenade Figure Shown at SDCC
While there are no real My Little Pony SDCC exclusives this year, Hasbro was nice enough to do show a scoop at the San Diego Comic Con with this Songbird Serenade figure.
It's not the same figure as the Songbird Serenade brushable we saw a little while ago, as this figure is around the size of a Fashion Style figure and her cutie mark is a button. Judging by the packaging, her character and the fact that she's voiced by Sia, she'll probably sing when you press her cutie mark, as well as light effects in her bow. She comes with a pre-styled mane and also a removable shirt.
Also shown on the box is the fact that she will be a Target exclusive. This might be good news for international fans, as their exclusives usually pop up in other stores around the globe as well.
(Credits to SDCC Unofficial Blog for the photos)

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My Little Pony the Movie Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony
The official Hasbro Youtube has uploaded two commercials. The first one is for the Swimming Seapony Pinkie Pie and the second one is for the Pinkie Pie Seashell Lagoon Playset. I have to admit that when I watch children's television these days I'm most of the time more interested in the commercials haha. As a kid I always loved them. Anyways have the two below.
Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!

My Little Pony the Movie Rainbow Dash Seapony Brushable
The second Waves of the Seapony and Land & Sea Fashion Styles Brushables have now been listed on Amazon! We've already seen a glimpse of some of them during the New York Toy Fair this year but it's great we have now an official conformation with these listings and their high quality stock images. None of them are available yet but expect them to be available within a few weeks. We'll let you know when they do. Have all the listings below!

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MLP Merch Poll #135MLP Merch Poll #134 Results
Last week (well, actually 2 weeks ago) we asked you whether you play the MLP CCG. Overall only a small percentage of 8% plays the card game! Aside from those that play we see that  34% is not interested and 20% never knew about it. Luckily for Enterplay there is still a pretty big group of 23% that collects the cards and almost 13% of the respondents might try it out soon.

My Little Pony New Rarity Brushable
Some new Brushables have appeared on AliExpress. First off lets talk about the Princess Cadance one who has the same gimmicks as the Celestia and Luna we spotted earlier. Brushables of the mane six with these gimmicks are part of the Party Friends Friendship Festival Pack from Toys'R'Us so it's very likely Cadance and the other Princesses will join that line as well. Now the interesting brushables are those of some members of the Mane Six. As you can see they all got some kind of accessory painted on. By doing some inspection I recognize Applejack and Pinkie Pie's ones from their Pirate Outfits. Maybe they are from the same line as Tempest Shadow. Target has only a Fashion Style Pack released so far. Perhaps there is more?

My Little Pony New Equestria Girls Minis on the Way: Beach and Park Themed
Amazon has listed quite a lot of new Equestria Girls Related items. We haven't heard much of any new releases these days about them. So it's about time isn't it? First of all I think its safely to assume that all of these will be minis since, well we haven't seen any of the normal ones for a while, not even at the Toy Fair this year. The Amazon descriptions are just your generic placeholder ones so don't mind those. What is interesting though is that we can expect Beach, and Park themed sets. That means the girls with probably some cute beach-themed accessorizes and play sets perhaps.

Our New Website LPS Merch Now Online!
After many months of intense data gathering and designing, we are proud to present you: LPS Merch. This website contains all the Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop releases from the very first generation to the current 6th generation. A total of more than 4700(!) actually. I have to admit I already started this project in secret in 2015-2016 but only the G5 ones, haha.
Like our other websites you're also able to create your own checklist and wishlist to see how your collection is coming along. Some pets are still missing as well as a plush, media and other sections. These will all be added over time. So to sum it all up:

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Signed Crystal Clear Rarity Trading Card Giveaway
We're very happy to finally announce this giveaway: We're giving away 5 SIGNED copies of Ilona's Crystal Clear Rarity card that has been featured in Enterplay's Series 4 trading card set!
At the end of the giveaway we'll pick 5 lucky winners who will each receive a signed card (your pick whether Ilona signs the front or back) and free worldwide shipping is of course included.