Sugar Belle Magazine Figure Possibly Coming Soon
The Polish My Little Pony Magazine website has updated their website with an interesting announcement: We'll probably see a Sugar Belle magazine figure soon! That's right, not Sweetie Belle, who is still missing from the line-up, but Sugar Belle.
According to the website, a new line of magazines is to be released soon, which not only include a magazine figure each, but also some cardboard pieces to build a miniature version of Ponyville. After 20 magazines you'll have a complete set of figures and pieces to complete the collection.

However, there's a bit of mystery around the images that they have released: Basically all Magazine Figures are listed on the images, up until the My Little Pony the Movie characters started to be packed with magazines a few months ago. Pirate/Glory Fluttershy is also missing, yet Sugar Belle (who has not been released yet) is listed.

At this time we're unsure wether Sugar Belle will be an exclusive figure for this line, or that the regular magazine line will feature a release of her too. We'll have to wait and see which is the case!
Thanks to Piklafon for the heads-up!

My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer Reboot Equestria Girls Doll Spotted at Toys'R'Us
Normally we compile all the store finds into one big post every few days but this one was so unexpected that it deserved  it's own post. So it turns out that the Reboot Equestria Girls dolls are already appearing in stores. This one was found at Toys'R'Us Maryland according to one of our readers. The price was also quite a surprise as she was only $10! Sunset was the only one available so far. Makes me wonder if it was an error that she was already available or perhaps not. If you go to Toys'R'Us soon and you spot one of these feel free to let us know!

My Little Pony the Movie Soft Stylish Mane 5-inch Plush
Hasbro sure likes to make Pony plushies right? They just revealed their brand new Clip and Go Keychain Plush and now some new 5-inch plushies have appeared as well. This time, instead of spaghetti or fabric manes, they have real brushable hair like the Build-a-Bear plush and the newer Aurora ones. Available as expected will be the whole mane-six. The release date is yet unknown but like the other revealed merch I expect it to arrive at the end of this year/start of 2018.

MLP Merch Poll #153MLP Merch Poll #152 Results
Last week we asked you which of the recently announced brushables is on the top of your favorites list. With almost a perfect 50% of the votes Songbird Serenade won this contest! After a big gap she's followed by the new Fluttershy set and Rarity's Mirror Boutique. The bottom 2 still manged to get 9% and 7% of the votes: Pinkie Pie and Rarity, both with the spinning skirt accessory.

My Little Pony the Movie Fluttershy Clip and Go Plush Keychain by Hasbro

We have more upcoming Merchandise for you! A Russian site has posted these upcoming Clip and Go Plush keychains by Hasbro. As you can see they are really stylized in terms of shapes. But the faces are really quite they really have that "kawaii" vibe going on. Included in this set are Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spike and Twilight Sparkle. (sorry Applejack Fans...) A release date is unknown but expect them at the start of 2018.

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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Rarity Relaxing Beach Lounge Set
I remember that when the Beach Minis were revealed that a lot of people wondered were Rarity was. She also wasn't included with the larger Rainbow Dash set. Turns out that she also receives a larger set called "Rarity Relaxing Beach Lounge" This set contains a lounger for on the beach as well as some juicy drinks. Oh and Spike the Dog is also included. No word yet on the release date yet but I expect them to arrive next month.

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Brand New Images of Tempest Shadow Light Up & GoH Figures

Great news for Tempest Shadow fans out there! This week detailed images of new figures of her have been released: The light-up solo version of her, and an awesome Guardians of Harmony statue together with Twilight Sparkle! At this time we're not aware of any prices or release dates for the figures, but seeing stock photos is usually a sign that a release is not too far away.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Reboot Sunset Shimmer Doll
Russian Pony Website Spony.ru has posted some brand new images for the upcoming Equestria Girls Dolls. It's also great because now we're able to see the final look for these dolls. (since the past two images were kinda different) it also shows the release for some of these. At least Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer will all be sold separately.
No other info is known at the moment. The expected release date for these dolls is spring 2018 but I expect them to be available weeks earlier. Of course we'll keep you updated as well. So since we now know the final look for these dolls, what are your opinions about them? Feel free to let us know!

Big Discounts During MLP Pre-Black Friday Sale at Amazon
We're about a week away from Black Friday, but during this week there are already some great deals on My Little Pony toys on Amazon. We collected all the great deals that are available, and it's surprising to see that there's quite a lot of MLP The Movie merch on sale, as well as Christmas decoration. Check all listings below:
(Listed prices were recorded on the day of publishing and may differ when viewed on a later moment)

Store Finds: Snow Globe, Two-Packs, Seapony Pinkie Pie & More
We're back with another store finds update! This week it's a rather short one, and most stuff has been found online, but it's still pretty exciting stuff!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.