My Little Pony the Movie Seaponies Make a Splash Golden Book
First of all I would like to notify you all that we know about the horrendous state of the Media Database. It's all one big mess with lots of titles missing. Right now I have one week left to finish this year of school which means I have plenty of time after wards. We already have ideas on improving both the media and comic databases and we will apply these changes very soon together with LPS Merch (and another site) We'll keep you notified!

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My Little Pony the Movie Stratus Skyranger the Hippogriff Guard Guardians of Harmony Figure

The first time we got a glimpse of Stratus Skyranger was during the New York Toy Fair this year but now his official stock images have been spotted. Stratus Skyranger the Hippogriff Guard can be compared to the Big Spike one in terms of actions and complexity. His wings, legs and claws have articulation and he also makes sound and lights up. Have the official description below. 
A release date is unknown but it will be most likely this summer/fall.


My Little Pony The Movie All About Big MacIntosh Brushable

Amazon has listed several op the upcoming "All About" Brushables. Six to be exact. With a total of 12 being released we can conclude that these six will form the first wave with the others coming later. The ones missing, and most likely to be released as the second wave are: Applejack, Lyra Heartstrings, Rarity, Soarin, Sweetie Drops and Twilight Sparkle. However this is not officially confirmed yet but it seems very likely. We also get a good look at the Big Macintosh Brushable. Its kinda a shame though they went with mow-hawk hair instead of slightly shorter hair than the normal brushables. But hey it's a Big Mac brushable and I bet we all waited for that a long time. ;)

Have all the listings and images below!

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MLP Merch Poll #132MLP Merch Poll #131 Results
Last week we asked you what your thoughts are on the Seal of Authenticity that Hasbro added to official MLP merch as of lately. Almost 40% of you are going to check the seal whenever they buy merch in the future, and another 22% think it's a good idea, but will not specifically look for the seal. Then there's a group of 17% that thinks the seal is overdue and 20% doesn't see the value in it.

Exclusive: Wave 22 Blind Bag Characters Revealed!
Only 8 days ago we first saw Wave 21 blind bags in stores, and in record time we've got images and names of all upcoming Wave 22 characters!
This next wave is a pretty close tie-in to the previous wave in that it's a mixture of Crystal ponies, Apple family members and some Rarity episode-related characters thrown in too. In contrast this wave does feature a bit more well-known characters like DJ Pon-3, Big McIntosh, Octavia and Starlight Glimmer. From the official mane 6 we only see Rainbow Dash in this series.

Chase figures can be identified by the same glitter-mane as in wave #21, which are Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Derpy/Muffins, Fluffy Clouds and Fire Streak.

Below we have a list of all characters names plus images of both the figures and their show counterparts.

Store Finds: Principal Celestia & Spike Plush
We have quite a small store finds post today, but some info we want to get out nonetheless! All submits are from US Target stores, so be sure to check your local Target for new merch the coming days!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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MLP Reboot Series Maud Pie Brushable

Lots of new Brushables have been spotted on Taobao! At first we have a better look at some of the All About Brushables for the movie, but some other interesting news is that three new brushables have been spotted as well. The first one is a Princess Celestia with Tinsel Hair and painted accessories like her necklace. Her hooves are also covered in glitter.
The next two are perhaps even more interesting since Maud Pie and Coco Pommel join the new molds. Currently their release is unknown but we still have to see if Toys'R'Us and Target will be getting special releases. (we also still have that Songbird Serenade Brushable) With the SDCC coming up soon I think we'll here more info later.

Today we review a brand new MLP Box for you! The MLP Box is a monthly subscription box filled with official My Little Pony merchandise. You can subscribe to the MLP Box to receive it every month for only $9.99 + shipping and you'll get a surprise selection of MLP merchandise every month.
Interested in what the MLP Box may contain? This time we've received the May 2017 MLP Box, so be sure to watch that to get an idea of what the box may contain! Check our video on YouTube or embedded below for the full review!

Every month we'll also give one free MLP Box away! Those who will enter our monthly giveaway get a chance to win the next month's box for free. Below are all the ways you can enter our giveaway and we'll pick the winner on June 30th, 2017.

Rarity With Sunglasses Free With This Months Polish Magazine
I'm not sure whether they're running out of ideas or this is one of the most requested figures, but the current wave of Polish, French and UK MLP Magazines features a Rarity figure with sunglasses! When comparing the figure with the original Rarity figure from 2014 we do see a new approach at the mane and tail molding, so it's in no means a direct copy of the early release.
The magazine is at least released in Poland, the UK, France and several other European countries that normally sell magazines with the figures. Here in The Netherlands we're still waiting for a new issue, but that should be out this month.
Thanks to Paulina and super_fluttershymlp.3mlp

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MLP Merch Poll #131MLP Merch Poll #130 Results
Last week we asked you whether you still watch TV or not. And as the poll shows: most of you still do on a daily basis, an overwhelming 37%! Another group of 24% watches TV at some moments, and 13% only watch MLP. Surprisingly enough only 16% has switched to an on-demand service like Netflix and 8% has stopped watching TV all together.