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My Little Pony Crochet Book
Are you a fan of crocheting? Or maybe you actually want to learn to do so! Anyways for those there's a very interesting book coming up simply called: "My Little Pony Crochet" by Jana Withley and published by Thunder Bay Press. The book contains 12 patterns to make adorable amigurumi ponies!

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My Little Pony Princess Luna Clip and Go Keychain Plush
Hasbro's line of plush is ever expanding, and in Japan they just released three new "plush" in the Clip and Go Keychain line: The three princesses!
The chibi plush versions of Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are now available on the Monster Japan website. They're 1200 yen at the moment, which is almost 11 USD, but I expect this to be lower when the plush are released in retail stores. At what moment we expect that, is unknown.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

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School of Friendship CMC Accessories Spotted + Fluttershy
A small update on the upcoming Cutie Mark Crusaders brushables from the School of Friendship line today! On Taobao a photo was spotted where the three did not only have their painted on clothing, but also fabric skirts and accessories. As seen above Apple Bloom is carrying saddle bags and Scootaloo comes with a helmet. Sweetie Belle is currently only seen wearing her skirt, but that might change once we finally get to see them in packaging.
I bet people will be happy with that news, as a recent poll we held showed that painted on clothes are far from popular. Personally I think it's a great combination to see, and wonder if other ponies in the set (like Starlight Glimmer) get additional clothing as well.
Speaking of other ponies, if you look closely on the photo above, between Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, you can see a Fluttershy brushable with what looks to be a new outfit. If my eyes don't deceive me she's wearing a skirt/dress as well, combined with painted on shoes and a headband. While it's not very clear, we hope to get more information on these upcoming ponies in the coming weeks.
Thanks to Tomo for the info!

2018 My Little Pony Happy Meal Update Post - Available in Your Country?
Over the past few weeks it was hard to miss on MLP Merch: McDonalds launched a new line of My Little Pony Happy Meal toys this month, themed after the Cutie Mark Crew. Because the availability differs from country to country we decided to write this post about the info that's currently available.
Below we've listed all countries from which we know the figures are available, including their release schedule (if known).
Not available in your country? You can always check eBay for online availability!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Applejack Rarity Snack Creations
Entertainment Earth has listed some new items! A while ago Amazon listed the stock images for the Theme Pars Singles, but now Entertainment Earth listed the larger packs. (which we already spotted during the NY Toy Fair) There are two packs in total: The First one is Applejack Snack Creations which features Applejack with carnival themed snacks such as Caramel Appels (never had one...) pizza and more! The second one is Rarity's Costume Creations and features Rarity with carnival-like costumes such as hats and mask.
They are $19.99 on Entertainment Earth which include both sets.

 Have the listing below + an Amazon one.
  • Entertainment Earth
  • Amazon
    Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, Lots of Equestria Girls & More
    With the relatively low amount of new stuff hitting the stores (this week being an exception, though) I'm getting the feeling that one store finds post each fortnight is just right. Hopefully we'll see more exciting large releases soon, though! In the mean time, enjoy more findings of Cutie Mark Crew figures, various Equestria Girls sets and some other stuff.
    If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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    MLP Merch Poll #177MLP Merch Poll #176 Results
    Last week we asked you about your thoughts about the painted on clothing for brushables, something that will play a big role in the upcoming School of Friendship sets. The general consensus is clear: clothing that is painted on instead of plastic/fabric accessories does not have the favor of many collectors. The largest group, 39%, will avoid these kind of figures, and another 27% does not like the idea, but will get them anyway to keep their collection complete. An equally large group of 27% does not mind whether the figure has painted on clothing or not, and only 6% of the respondents prefers these over ponies without any clothing.

    Packaging Photos of Equestria Girls Friendship Power Dolls Now Available
    A bit before and at the 2018 NY Toy Fair Hasbro revealed a second line of dolls for the rebooted Equestria Girls line: Friendship Power. These super hero-inspired dolls were now teased from within their final packaging, which stays in the same style as the first reboot EqG dolls.
    Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle each have light-up amulet around their neck, for which 3 button cell batteries are included. They all cot a cloth skirt, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle come with wings and the latter also comes with a pair of glasses. Sunset Shimmer seems to be combined with a hairband and a single black glove/sleeve.
    Now that the packaging photos are our, we expect a release is inbound shortly. We're nearing the release schedule for Hasbro's 'fall'-lineup, and these may just be the first to hit the stores. If I had to guess I'd say 2-4 more weeks of waiting.

    MLP Merch Poll #176MLP Merch Poll #175 Results
    Last week we asked you about your plans for collection My Little Pony merch after G4 ends and G4 would start. Overall the collectors are relatively positive, with 34% going to continue and 54% will await whether they like the new generation or not. 9% would put their MLP collecting days to an end and 4% is keeping G5 as an option to actually start their collection.

    New Starlight Glimmer Brushable With School Outfit on eBay
    No longer are the CMC, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity the only ponies that we are certain of to appear in a School of Friendship outfit: Over on eBay a listing appeared (two, actually) for a new Starlight Glimmer brushable that features a green school outfit.
    The outfit consists of a top with the School of Friendship badge and what appears to be shoes with Starlight's Cutie Mark on it. Aside from the outfit she is pretty similar to her Runway Fashions release from last year.
    We're still awaiting official information on the set in which the ponies will be released, but seeing so many becoming available on both Taobao and eBay we think it's not too long of a wait for packaging shots.
    Photo credit to mangoflavorcm and douhikeshop