Three New MLP The Movie GoH Sets Shown + New Character
While we've seen plenty of MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony figures at the New York Toy Fair, Brazil appears to have a few exclusive peek at upcoming merch themselves on the Abrin toy fair, which just started.
The first set (seen above) features a new pirate Bird-character from the MLP Movie, which we've not seen before. Sadly a (also new) Applejack pirate figure is standing in front of it, blocking the name. The only thing we know for certain now is that it's name starts with a "B". On the box it mentions an action that is triggered by squeezing it's legs. Judging by the projectiles that are included, I suppose these will be fired when you squeeze.
The final set shown is a Walmart Exclusive Rainbow Dash figure that comes as part of a big flying ship. You can clearly see the well-decorated ship below, but sadly there's no clear picture of the included Rainbow Dash figure.
Credits to Peter Toys for the images! We hope to get more detailed photos of these sets soon, and will of course share them with you.

Official Images of Eqg Minis Fashion Packs Released
Over at the New York Toy Fair last month we saw a new concept for Equestria Girls Minis where a full figure is combined with interchangeable cloths, hair and accessories. And while we've seen a Pinkie Pie set with different hair pieces, this is the first time you can actually change the full body.
Rarity's set will feature a short & skirt set, glasses and strawberry (?) skirt set and a formal dress with gold accents. The "Switch 'n Mix Fashions" set of Twilight is bundled with a lab coat outfit, a purple dress and a sweater & skirt set. Aside of these clothing sets you can freely mix up the hairstyles and accessories, although some might fit better than others. As of course you're free to mix up pieces of Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to create a unique character.
We have no further details on the release of these sets aside from Hasbro's initial information: a Fall 2017 release for about $15 per set.

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New MLP Playskool Sets Announced With Rebranding
Every single release type of MLP is getting a restyle one way or another, and Playskool is no exception. While no new sets were shown at the 2017 New York Toy Fair as far as we knew, at least two new sets will be released soon.
The first set is the Cupcake Truck who fits two ponies and comes combined with Pinkie Pie and Spike. The other set, a Ferris Wheel, is bundled with Applejack and Pinkie Pie. The wheel, however, does fit 5 ponies in total and will spin around with the click of a button.
While the outer box of these sets received a big restyle for the reboot Hasbro has started at the end of 2016, the included figures look exactly the same. The only unique pony is the Pinkie Pie figure that comes with the Cupcake Truck as she's wearing a hat.

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MLP Merch Poll #119MLP Merch Poll #118 Results
Last week we asked you what your ideal MLP magazine would look like. As you might have guessed the big winner is freebies. If we look past this clear winner it's posters that people are looking for, as well as stories and concept art. Submitted art and stories are the least popular on this list.

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MLP Teepublic March Sale
It's been quite a while since we last posted about a Teepublic Sale. Part of the reason is that I haven't been making designs in a long time. Probably because I'm working hard on school and LPS Merch. Anyway now I'm back again and to celebrate the upcoming Movie I've made some movie-themed designs with the whole Mane-Six as Seaponies, but also designs of Tempest Shadow, Queen Novo and Princess Skystar. Some non-movie ones have also been made as well.

MLP Derpy/Muffins Mall Collection Singles EQG Minis

The first batch of the new Equestria Girls Minis we saw during the NY Yoy Fair this year has appeared on Amazon and several other websites. The theme for this line will be the mall with some of the characters having shops. Amazon has listed the Mall Collection Singles which includes a lot of new characters as well like Derpy/Muffins, Trixie and Roseluck and more.

New My Little Pony Happy Meal Toys in Europe
The My Little Pony Happy Meal toys released in New Zealand at the end of last year are finally getting a broader release, starting with Europe. From all over the continent we've gotten reports, and we've seen them in ourselves in The Netherlands too. Other reports came from Poland, Finland and Sweden. This wave has only 4 ponies: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. While New Zealand also saw a Fluttershy release she has been left out in the European line. The figures themselves are still the same and each "Reboot Style" figure comes with their own accessory. Rainbow Dash has a comb, Rarity a mirror, Twilight Sparkle comes with a notepad and Pinkie Pie has some kind of paper cutter/stamp. You can now get them in your Happy Meal or buy them loose, which usually costs between €1.50 and €2.
Thanks to Ozzie and Martyna for the info and Jonna for the images!

Trixie, Fluttershy & Rarity Back at Build-a-Bear
Build-a-Bear US has sent an e-mail to their subscribers about a big restock in their online store: Trixie, Fluttershy and Rarity are once again available, including their accessories. On the My Little Pony brand page of the online BaB store you can find all available ponies and accessories. The e-mail states that this is "Online Only", so don't expect these to appear in stores.
Thanks to Mindy & PixelTrix TV for the info!

Store Finds: Photo Finish Re-Release, Wave 18 & More
This week we have a rather small store finds update for you, but an update nonetheless. One of finds was a new release of the Photo Finish fashion style, but we also have an art set and blind bags for you this week.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Merch Poll #118MLP Merch Poll #117 Results
Last week we asked you how many toy collections you own in total. And judging by the comments we should have made an extra option! While most of you have 3 to 5 collections, an overwhelming big group of 26% has over 10 separate toy collections! Only 19% sticks to just MLP and only a small group of 3% does not collect anything.