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Last week we asked you about your plans on getting any of the make-up that China Glaze and PÜR released for MLP the Movie.It's pretty clear that the target audience of these brands is not on our website: about 48% doesn't wear make-up, 21% lives outside of the US and 8% thinks it's too expensive.
Of those who already got it only 2 people are saving them as collectors items, and a small 3% is already wearing the make-up. And the final 15% is going to get some items soon, of which 6% is not going to use it.

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Food Truck Festival: Sunset Shimmer & Pinkie Pie Coming Soon
It might be a coincidence, but we have news about two My Little Pony food trucks today! The first bit of news is from Sunset Shimmer's Sushi truck, which was available for a short period of time. Her truck has cute details and Sunset herself has a unique outfit. However, at this moment it's back to out-of-stock, but it could pop-up as available any time.
She's got competition from Pinkie Pie with her Roll 'n Ring Cupcake Truck, from the Playskool Friends line. She's combined with Spike to run their kid-friendly cupcake truck, which has a spinning cupcake on top. This is the first time we see her listed anywhere, so a release is bound to come soon.
Update: Both are now available to order for a december (or earlier) release.

Store Finds: Seapony Fabric, Ice Cream and More
Luckily we're starting to get a bit more variation with merch around MLP The Movie that's being released right now, which this week include ice cream, seapony fabric, an ornament and an update about the latest UK MLP Magazine. And don't forget to send in your own finds, which we'll feature in the next post!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Detailed Images of MLP Fidget Its Cubes & Spinners Revealed
It was one of the biggest discussions of the month: Hasbro is rapidly going to start Fidget Its: their own line of fidget spinners and cubes to take on the current hype with their own designs and characters. Back when we wrote that post not a lot of finalized pictures were available, aside from low quality prototype renders, but now we've finally got hold of better images for both the fidget cubes and spinners.

MLP The Movie Brushables Songbird Serenade, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash
Some great announcements by Entertainment Earth today! Above we start directly with a new wave of brushables, including the first Songbird Serenade single brushable, which will not be a Target exclusive, and new All About brushables from Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie. And by the way, this is the same Pinkie Pie as the one being released in the HASCON MLP Box, so it turns out to not be an exclusive figure.

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Official Images of MLP DohVinci Set Released
Aside from Play-Doh, Hasbro has another "doh" brand called DohVinci. It's a line of products with similar materials like Play-Doh, but focuses on more precise creative works and uses pen-like tools to create paintings, photo frames and other items.
A while back we first heard about the plans from Hasbro to release a My Little Pony-themed product in their DohVinci range, and as of this week it's finally time for the reveal! Hasbro has been so kind to release product images and a full description on their own website, showing what this first MLP DohVinci set contains.

MLP Merch Poll #139MLP Merch Poll #138 Results
Last week we asked you whether you're subscribed to our database newsletter. While it's obvious we wouldn't get 100% yes, we're still happy to see the amount of people that voted yes or going to: Over 32%!

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More PÜR MLP The Movie Cosmetics Listed Online
In a previous store finds post we already talked about some eye shadow from PÜR that was specifically released for My Little Pony The Movie.
What we did miss (and thanks to Ayu for the heads-up), is that more items are available in their MLP line-up. Also available is a set of lip gloss, set of brushes, glow sticks and a separate lip gloss topper. I'm not an expert on make-up, so I cannot tell you anything on the brand or quality, but I must say that I like the bright and sparkling colors!
Below we have all the listings for the PÜR website, but maybe you can get these in stores too:

Store Finds: Movie Figures, Movie Merch, Movie Everything
Everything is somehow related to MLP The Movie the past few weeks, and while there's nothing wrong with that, the amount of store founds post we're creating is starting to get out of hand!
Yet, it's all very useful information for hunters, so be sure to keep sending in photos and info of what you find in stores!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony the Movie 9 Inch Twilight Sparkle Plush
Yar har, fiddle di dee, Being a pirate is all right with me! ToyWiz has listed the upcoming Walmart Exclusive Pirate Pony Plushies. For Plushies they are quite detailed and I personally really like the look of these. They are 9 inches tall and according to ToyWiz they will be available this September. However it's quite likely that they will appear at Walmart much earlier. If you find them let us know! Have the listings and images below: