Sponsored Reviews on Walmart Site Reveal Upcoming MLP Sets
Occasionally brand hire companies that source users for reviews of their products. The review samples are usually handed out in advance, so that the products have several extensive (and hopefully honest) reviews around the launch of the product. Sometimes, though, these reviews are published a bit too earlier, even before launch.

And that's the case with most of the brand new My Little Pony products that we're going to talk about today: on the Walmart site several Hasbro placeholder listings can be found that already feature reviews "collected as part of a promotion". These placeholders usually only contain a simple title, and maybe a price tag, but this time we get some more information thanks to the reviewers.

Sunny Starscout Smoothie Truck
While Sunny is already released with the Smoothie Shop and a smoothie mix set, there appears to be another smoothie-related set in the works. Judging by the reviews, this will feature a brightly colored truck with a light-up neon sign, interactive oven and plenty of accessories.
At a price of $24.99 we don't expect this to be a very large truck, but big enough to play with ponies inside.

Mini World Magic Spa Day Mane Melody
For this set the final name is even mentioned in the reviews! It's a Mini World Magic set that revolves around spa day, featuring 3 ponies that have interchangeable rubbery wigs. The set can be fold up to easily store the 50+ included accessories. Walmart lists  this set for $22.99.

Mini World Magic Compact Creation Critter Corner
Another set of which the reviews gave the name away, and lucky for that, else I wouldn't have guessed what CC stood for. This is another Mini World Magic set, with color changing parts when hold in cold water. It also folds to a compact carry case, but comes with less accessories than the Spa Day set (which also reflects the lower price of $16.99). Other than that we don't have a lot of detail on who or what is included.

There are also 4 more listings (3x Walmart, 1x Amazon) that only reveal the short name and price, but lack any reviews or further details. The single Amazon listing does mention a release day of January 1st, 2023, but it's unsure whether that's a placeholder or the target release date for the sets.
One of the sets will feature the first release of Opaline, so that's definitely something to get excited for!

MLP Wing Surprise Princess Pipp Petals ($16.99, Walmart)
MLP Wing Surprise Zipp Storm ($16.99, Walmart)
MLP Wing Surprise Opaline ($16.99, Walmart)
MLP Mini World Magic Mare Stream ($34.99, Amazon)

Many thanks to G5MLP and Victor for the heads-up!


  1. It'll be nice to see new ponies that haven't been made yet.

  2. you guys really havent been posting lately

    1. seeing how she looks now i would have wanted a reused mold

  3. If Opaline gets a reused mold, we shall riot