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Bloks Releases My Little Pony Building Brick Sets in China

Every since the start of G4 people have been wondering if we were every going to see My Little Pony building brick sets. Aside from some bootleg products the (failed) K'NEX/Tinkertoy sets were the closest we got to that wish.

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Store Finds: New Logo, G4.5 Fashion Squad, Many International Finds & More

So much to do and so little time! We're back in the new year with more store finds, but we'll keep the writing in this edition a bit short. We still want to get this post out to not let the backlog grow too big and keep you updated on all recent finds!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Glow in the Dark Plush by Flair

Toy Wholesaler ABGee has listed a brand new Sunny Starscout plush made by Flair. But she isn't your ordinary plush. She has the ability to glow in the dark when she's in the light for long enough, and also plays sounds from the movie. She will retail for £19.99 pounds. The listing can be found here.

However, something else has also caught my attention and that's the description they included with this listing: 

My Little Pony Izzy Moonbow Crystal-Themed Single

Slowly but steady new merch for the upcoming spring line-up for 2022 is being spotted online. This morning we can add some new toys to that list as an  Indonesian website named Ruparupa has listed new Crystal-themed singles.

This release includes 2-inch singles of the five main ponies for G5, that being Hitch, Izzy, Pipp, Sunny and Zipp. From the look of it they seem to be made of one solid piece of translucent plastic with no signs of articulation. (If I'm right) The packaging is also quite interesting to see as you can't see the figure itself but they actually included a render on the front which also serves to show the actual size of the figure. The packaging also states the packaging is completely plastic-free (aside from tape and glue) which, in my opinion, is a huge plus in my book. However it's a bit dull to display them in packaging like this am I right?

According to the listing they are Rp 39.900 each which is about $3 USD so it's likely these are just some kind of budget release. No word yet when they will appear in other countries but let us know if you spot them! 

Thanks to June | red01 for the heads up!

Sunny Starscout and Twilight Sparkle Bundled in New Sparkling Generations Set

We've seen combinations of G4 and G5 ponies with the Secret Rings, Favorites Together and Friendship Shine Collection and we're not done with the generation crossover releases! Over on Instagram horizonstudioproductions shared a sneak peak of an upcoming set called "Sparking Generations" that features brushables of both Sunny Starscout and Twilight Sparkle.

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Walmart Releases Just Play Friendship Set - Including New Hitch Plush
Just Play was very quick with the release of My Little Pony: A New Generation plush, with the first spot back in early April 2021. The only thing missing back then was a Hitch plush to make the Mane 5 complete.

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KFC Indonesia Teases MLP Toys Coming in 2022

Over on the social media channels of KFC Indonesia three images have been shared to tease an upcoming range of My Little Pony: A New Generation toys to be released in their kids meals.


It's that time of the year again where we slowly by steady see new toys appearing. has now listed two new sets: The Royal Room Reveal set with Pipp, which we already spotted a few weeks ago. And a new version of Sunny with her being an Alicorn for this release.

The Royal Room Reveal set features Pipp Petals in her room. Included is a small brush which you can use to paint with water on several surfaces of the playset, doing so will reveal a nice looking design. Included are also several cute accessories like a Pipp Plush(?), several streamer/gamer related items and stickers. This set is listed for $15.99 and will be available January 1st, 2022.

The second set is a new Crystal Adventure release and this time as stated on the box as well, she's an Alicorn. She comes with several accessories and stickers including some to decorate an included bracelet with. This set is listed for $8.49 USD and will also be available. January 1st.

Have the listings, decription and images below!

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Two Brand New MLP Squishy Sets Released In Stores

Normally we save store finds like this for our store finds post, of which the next is planned for next year. But when we receive messages about two sets of new (squishy) figures, from two separate brands, we're happy to make an exception!

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My Little Pony A New Generation Monogram 3D Foam Bag Clips

About two months ago we reported the find of new My Little Pony-themed bag clips made by Monogram, at NYCC. Now they have been listed on Entertainment Earth and available for pre-order!

These 3D-ish foam keychains features two versions of Izzy, Pipp, Sunny and Zipp and one version of Hitch. The secret figures are now also fully revealed with one of them being a large solid one containing both Izzy, Pipp and Sunny, and the other one being the MLP Logo with a tiny version of Sunny.

Entertainment Earth currently has two options available. A 6-pack for $34.99 and a full case of 24 bags for $143.99. According to the listings they will be released January 2022. We've included the listings below.