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MLP Merch Hasbro POP Zecora Unpacking and Review
Remember our Toys"R"Us order from yesterday? Well here is a review about the Zecora POP Pony that came with the order in both text and video, which you can view either on YouTube, or the embedded video below. Enjoy!

Video Review

Text Review

Our Toys"R"Us package came! And one of the things inside was a Hasbro POP Zecora kit. Again we are very happy with the packaging, it's colorful and very flat so not so bulky. It also opens up very nice. Inside we find:
- One frame with 2 sides of the pony
- Zecora's regular mane and tail
- A more studier mane with colors
- Zecora's jewels
- A curly wig
- Stickers

Zecora pops out easily and are really sturdy. I like the idea of having the stripes in a sort of 3d style instead of being dark grey. She comes with some thin plastic mane and tail. I personally think this hair is too large and the tail is too stiff, it's sticks out like a spear or something. The second pair is some hard plastic mane. I like this one a whole lot better, the extra colors aren't that distracting and the size is good. The curly wig, I don't get it. It can be fun if you're gonna create en OC but it feels a bit too much. The jewels are nice and they fit well and are easy to remove. Again I do have problems with the wing holes in the side and their already existing Cutie Marks, but I'll get used to it.

I'm quite happy I got her, she looks good and certainly unique. Every Zecora fan should pick this one up. :)

- Figures are Sturdy
- Parts click very nice together
- Awesome packaging!
- Cheaper than brushables
- Jewels fit nicely

- Customising can be a bit limited with the already printed cutie marks
- Wing holes are clearly visible when no wings are attached
- Curly wig feels a bit over the top

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