Pinke Pie Blind Bag Hoof Code
22511? #A2031??? What does it all mean???
Since Generation 3.5 Hasbro has been putting several codes under a lot of their figures like their Brushables, Fashion Styles and Blind Bags, but what do they mean? We asked ourself this question and with some research we managed to find out the answer!

The 5-digit codes

These codes actually resemble production dates of your figures! Let us teach you how to figure them out. As example we have taken these 2 brushables: A Valentines Day themed Pinkie Pie, and a Rarity from the Rainbow Power Line.
Pinkie Pie and Rarity Brushables
Our two test subjects.
Pinkie Pie Valentines Brushable Hoof CodeRarity Rainbow Power Brushable Hoof Code

As you can see Pinkie Pie has a 5 digit code under her hoof making the number: 10451
Now its just a matter of easy calculating. You have to see the numbers as this:


The Y stands for the year the figure was made. Each Number represents a year:
  • 0 = 2010
  • 1 = 2011
  • 2 = 2012
  • 3 = 2013 and so on...
The next 3 numbers are the exact day the figure was made. So the number will always be between 001 and 365 (or 366 in a leap year) now you just need to find out which day matches your number. You can easily do this by just typing in on google: "Day xxx" and you might find it out. But we also made a handy tool that will calculate the right day for you:

MLP production code converter

Enter a code and click Convert

At last we have the 5th digit wich is always one (we don't know why, might just be a check).

So if we take Pinkie Pie's number 10451 we just use the steps above:
  • 1 = 2011
  • 045 = 14th February
This means that she was made on 14 February 2011, well isn't that funny? Valentines Pinkie Pie was made ON Valentines day 2011!

Still trouble with it or do you just like it? We certainly like to figure out these production dates, for example we have the Rarity from the Rainbow Power Line here with the code: 32521, we just use the same steps before:
  • 3 = 2013
  • 252 = 9 September
So this Rarity was made on 9 September 2013. If you follow these steps you can find out when your Ponies we're made. Cool isn't it?

The 5-digit codes can also be found on almost any packing, even blind bag boxes, to indicate their production date as well.
Wave 7 Blind Bag Box Production Code

The # (number sign) codes

You might have figures out that the 5-digit code is not the only code on your ponies, most figures also come with a code that starts with the number sign. These codes indicate the toy linefrom which the figure origins, mostly found on blind bag figures. Some examples:
  • #35581 = Wave 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 blind bag figures
  • #36632 = Wave 2 blind bag figures (EU Only)
  • #A2031 = Spa Pony Set
  • #A3018 = Crystal Empire brushable figures
  • #A5624 = Rainbow Power brushable figures
  • #A6003 = Wave 9 blind bag figures
The most interesting code is probably #36632. Do you have a blind bag figure with this code? Well congratulations, it origins from the rare wave 2 blind bag series!
Cheerilee Blind Bag Hoof CodeGreen Jewel Blind Bag Hoof Code
Lyra Heartstrings Blind Bag Hoof CodePinkie Pie Blind Bag Hoof Code

Figures without codes

Over the years we also found out that some figures simply don't have a code, there are a couple of reasons for that:
  • The figure is a factory reject before the code printing process took place (mostly on eBay figures)
  • Figures in some series or some countries don't recieve codes
  • The figure is a factory error
 Pepperdance Blind Bag Hoof Code

We hope you've enjoyed this article, did you check some of your own codes? Please leave a comment if you spot a special code!


  1. C-0294 this is the only code on it, I don't know what it originally was, but it was painted and re-haired to turn into Trixie Lulamoon

    1. C-029A is the common code to identify MLP products, (almost) all products have that hard-printed on them, usually included in the mold. If you look closely, most of your ponies should have C-029A printed on them somewhere. It could be that other Hasbro products (like GI Joe) have the same code, but I don't have any other Hasbro items myself.
      The pony you have probably lacks a normal code because of one of the reasons described in the article:

      - The figure is a factory reject before the code printing process took place (mostly on eBay figures)
      - Figures in some series or some countries don't recieve codes
      - The figure is a factory error

    2. To add to Ossie's excellent reply, the new coat of paint on your custom Trixie probably covered the factory 5 digit code, which is printed on. The C-029A code is embossed, the characters are raised, so that code would still be visible under a thin coat of paint. ^_^

    3. This also works with Transformers figures BTW

  2. Saw this on EqD, reblogged it here: http://ponyville-trot.dreamwidth.org/237450.html So cool! I have figures that were part of MLP:FIM before I was! In fact, I have figures that were part of MLP:FIM not only before it was cool, but before it even aired! Seems like I'm going to have find a few pairs of _really_ tiny sunglasses somewhere.

  3. Fun fact: the Rarity and Pinkie Pie that come with the Luna and Celestia brushables do not have codes. (The Celestia and Luna do.) At least, that's how mine are.

  4. me:*brings all of my mlp figures to the computer desk* ok... lets get started!
    *starts entering all the codes of my ponies*

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  6. is this the same with funko ponys ?

  7. Two ponies I have are April 8 2015! Freaky...

  8. Lol it's weird but the Rarity u used & my FlutterShy from the plastic bag thing were made on the same day! And the same year! How does that even happen I got it during the Twilight Crystal toys. That toy set was all wrong we all know that Twilight is a friendship rainbow princess not a crystal princess. (Unless she wants to overthrow Cadence) ;)

  9. Found two codes on 1 pony....1263RT AND #83137

  10. This Funko doen't have a number in her hooves, is she a fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/332206060446?_trksid=p2055359.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

  11. Both my Flitterheart and my Snowcatcher were made on September 19, 2011...

  12. I Don't think the code converter is all correct,I have a MLP Baby pony and the copy rt is Hasbro copy rite 2008 the #92641..However the converter says my pony was born on September 1st,2019 so is this like beanie babies tag error worth a small fortune..lolol

    1. The code converter is as correct as it can get. As you can read the codes only contain 1 number for the year. Since most G4 stuff is made in 2010 or later (so year 0-9 for 2010-2019) we didn't include 2009 in the calculator. I assume your baby pony is from G3.5?

  13. I we have a MLP figure that has no code are they more valuable?

  14. so i have this twilight, i can’t literally find her on google (i wanna know if it’s rare or something), her code is #A6475, and she was created on May 26, 2014, someone help me,, thx :,)

    1. also there’s this other code: C-029A

    2. The C-029A code is a generic code, and A6475 is a product code. Is it this Twilight by any chance?

    3. Omg! Yes! Thank you so much 😭🖐🏼

    4. And perhaps Is rare or something?

    5. It was a Walmart exlusive, but I have no idea how many are in circulation. On eBay she goes for around $20-$30, so not bad, but not spectacular either.