My Little Pony Trading Card Game Series 3 Card Packs
The recently announced third series of My Little Pony trading cards is now available in stores and online. This series contains a huge new addition with 200 cards and various other contents (full list below), primarily focusing on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes, as well as various new characters introduced in season 4. You can get the cards as loose packs or in complete boxes:
Every pack contains the following contents: 6 regular cards, 1 foil cards, 1 sticker or standee and 1 tattoo sheet. You also have a chance to get a rare lenticular card (instead of the gold cards) in your pack. If you buy a complete box you also get a box-topper card, which can be one of the 4 lenticular cards only available as box-topper.

My Little Pony Trading Card Game Series 3 Checklist
As you can see, series 3 has a big checklist, here are the highlights of what you can get:
  • 18 Non-foil character cards
  • 9 Song card
  • 9 Foil only character
  • 15 Parallel foil character card
  • 9 Parallel foil episode cards
  • 21 Foil puzzle card
  • 9 Special foil cards (not found in packs, probably events only)
  • 8 Lenticular cards (4 box-toppers only found in complete boxes)
  • 91 Episode cards
  • 18 Pop-up standees
  • 18 Stickers
  • 10 Autograph cards
  • 9 Extra puzzle cards (only in value packs, not yet available)
  • 12 FunTat Tattoos
My Little Pony Trading Card Game Series 3 Sweepstakes
Just like the other series, the third series also runs a sweepstakes! In each pack you can find a sweepstakes card with a unique code. You can enter that code on the EnterPLAY website and if you're amongst the first 500 winners, you can get an autographed trading card from one of the My Little Pony voice actors or the grand prize: a complete set of all series 3 trading cards!


  1. I'm going to buy some of these mlp trading cards i hope my walmart has them in i love collecting mlp stuff like this ❤

  2. woah! a lot more cards than series !