MLP Friendship is Magic #38 Comic by IDW Cover A made by Agnes Garbowska
It's that time of the month again when IDW announced their new comics. And this time we're going to take a look at the comics that arrives this January. So the first comics of 2016. Only less then three months left. Times flies by.. Ah well as you all the know by this time the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" Story arc is over so it's time to start a new one. This story arc will be called "Don't You Forget About Us" and focuses on the CMC and some classmates getting lost in the forest. This issue is written by Christina Rice and the artist of this issue is Agnes Garbowska. Three covers for this issue have been announced for now:

  • The Regular A Cover made by Agnes Garbowska
  • The Subscription Variant Cover made by Sara Richard
  • The Retailed Incentive Variant Cover made by Mary Bellamy

"Don’t You Forget About Us" part 1! The Cutiemark Crusaders hit the great outdoors with their class! When a small group becomes stranded in the wilderness it will take ingenuity and teamwork to make it back to safety!
MLP Friendship is Magic #38 Comic by IDW Subscription made by Sara RichardMLP Friendship is Magic #38 Comic by IDW Retailer Incentive Cover made by Mary Bellamy


  1. Do you know if they will have their cuties marks in this comic?

  2. Cool mlp comic cover with the cmc diamond tiara and silver spoon❤