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MLP Friendship is Magic #36 Comic by IDW Cover A by Andy PriceMLP Friendship is Magic #36 Comic by IDW Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
Today you can get the third part of the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" Story arc. Only one more left before a new story will start. The writer for this issue is once again Jeremy Whitley and the artist for this issue is Andy Price. There will be a total of 4 covers for this issue.

  • The Cover A Variant by Andy Price
  • The Subscription Variant by Sara Richard
  • The Retailer Incentive Variant by Mary Bellamy
  • The Hot Topic Variant by Tony Fleecs.

We've also combined some Amazon listings again for those who wish to order it.

Siege of the Crystal Empire Part 3! A nefarious foe returns to full power to reclaim that which is rightfully his! Ancient mysteries will be revealed as Twilight and Cadance seek a way to stop the darkness from spreading! An epic story for the ages unfolds!

MLP Friendship is Magic #36 Comic by IDW Retailer Incentive by Mary BellamyMLP Friendship is Magic #36 Comic by IDW Hot Topic Cover by Tony Fleecs

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