So about two months ago some "new" MLP CCG Cards suddenly appeared out of nowhere. None of us had any idea if these were going to be fake or real. But today Enterplay posted the following on their Facebook page:
The next time you see these cards, they'll be signed by former My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic showrunner, current MLP Movie director, and prior Doctor Hooves voice actor Jayson Thiessen! Each regionals location will receive two of these specially-numbered cards, one for the winner of the event and one for random draw amongst all participants. Be sure to check out the map link below to find a location near you.
More about prizing for the Winter Regionals, including the Top 8 Playmat to come soon. Stay tuned for more information!
You can find more information about the annoucement above here.
By this I think we can now 100% confirm that this will be one of the cards of the brand new MLP CCG Set. We're already at number 7 and some information has already been confirmed on their Twitter page. We've listed a few of the Tweets below:
Working title of a new mechanic in #mlpccg Set 7: "Site" cards. What do they do? What will they be called? Equestrian minds want to know! 
Heard near the end of today's #mlpccg call: "Wow, Set 7 is going to be really impactful!" 
 So I think this will be some exciting new for the CCG Players like Ossie and me. I'm curious what this set will bring us with all those new cards. No official name is announced either so we just have to wait for the full announcement.


  1. Did you know there are new commercials out for the explore equestria toys

  2. When will there be more news?

  3. Ugh ... *Please* don't let this be a return to the godawful flip conditions that blighted the Crystal Games set.