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ATTENTION: This post contains spoilers about the upcoming MLP Movie this October. Do not read if you don't want to know anything about the movie.
The London Toy Fair has already passed and right now we're preparing for the New York one which will start this Friday. However we might have skipped over something during the London one, and here we are to post about it:
During the London Toy Fair Tech 4 Kids has several of their Mashems/Fashems lines on display including the 7th one for the My Little Pony Line. At first I noticed that three of them had new poses, like a lying one. But today I looked again at the description that was displayed alongside them as well.
As you can see the description for Series 7 states: 3 Movie Sea Ponies. For those who saw some of the new characters we already knew that sea ponies were coming. But this also confirms that the Mane Six will most likely also transform into one. Sea Ponies are quite a popular race among some of the fans and were highly requested so maybe we'll see some Sea Ponies (Mane Six and other characters) as well from Hasbro in Brushable form. But we'll probably get the answer very soon.

Thanks to Idlehands for the images!
My Little Pony Series 7 Tech 4 Kids FashemsMy Little Pony Series 7 Tech 4 Kids Fashems


  1. The mane six turning into sea ponies was already confirmed months ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFAYG1KAOvV/

    1. It's the name that wasn't confirmed considering that they always called the non-Mane6 seacreatures hippocampi so far.

    2. Really the mane 6 turning into merponies that's a crazy idea

  2. They are also shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSfI3NmgBw btw but the recorder doesn't seem to know a lot about MLP as thus recorded fakies that were featured at the Toy Fair too.

    All in all not much interesting.