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Official Images of MLP DohVinci Set Released
Aside from Play-Doh, Hasbro has another "doh" brand called DohVinci. It's a line of products with similar materials like Play-Doh, but focuses on more precise creative works and uses pen-like tools to create paintings, photo frames and other items.
A while back we first heard about the plans from Hasbro to release a My Little Pony-themed product in their DohVinci range, and as of this week it's finally time for the reveal! Hasbro has been so kind to release product images and a full description on their own website, showing what this first MLP DohVinci set contains.

The set is a pretty big starter kit for those who are new to DohVinci and includes 6 tubes of compound (or doh), a styler to apply the compound and various templates and frames to start your creations on.

As seen in the images the templates include frames and boxes themed after ponies and the included colors match the manes of the ponies, but of course you're free to use additional colors or start your own creations with custom templates or surfaces.
Below we have additional images of the set as well as the complete description Hasbro provided.
Official Images of MLP DohVinci Set ReleasedOfficial Images of MLP DohVinci Set Released
Official Images of MLP DohVinci Set ReleasedOfficial Images of MLP DohVinci Set Released

Official Images of MLP DohVinci Set Released
Hey everypony, let's get artsy! DohVinci dimensional drawing meets My Little Pony friendship and fun with these colorfully customizable boxes and photo frames. To start decorating, simply load a tube of DohVinci drawing compound into the Styler, then squeeze the handle to draw bold 3D lines, dots, swirls, and other designs! Twist a stamper tip onto the end of a tube to create fun stamps inspired by the Mane Cast's cutie marks. When the frames and boxes are complete, display them or give them as gifts, then use any leftover drawing compound to draw on other DIY projects like wood crafts, glass, cardboard, paper, and more!
Includes 3 boxes, 2 frames with stands, 7 add-on pieces, Easy Squeeze Styler, 6 stamp tips, 6 tubes of DohVinci drawing compound, and instruction sheet.
- Create dimensional DohVinci art featuring favorite My Little Pony friends
- Decorate boxes and frames with the Styler and drawing compound
- Load a tube of drawing compound in the Styler and squeeze to draw
- Includes 6 twist-on stamp tips inspired by the ponies' cutie marks
- For more colorful DIY, draw on wood crafts, canvas, and other surfaces 

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