Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, EqG Minis Vinyl + More
Today we have a quick but very interesting store finds update! We see the release of long awaited items such as the Pirate series at Walmart, Cutie Mark Crew figures and the vinyl EqG Minis figures. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Pirate Fluttershy Returns at Walmart

Pirate Fluttershy Returns at Walmart
You won't want to know how many people are asking us about the Captain Celaeno set that is still supposed to come out, and while that set was not yet found, it seems that the Pirate Fluttershy set has returned in stock on the shelves of several Walmart stores. We don't know if this is a sign that more pirate sets will come to Walmart (including Captain Celaeno), but at least we have Fluttershy!
(Thanks to Tabia)

The Philippines - Cutie Mark Crew Blind Bags

Cutie Mark Crew Blind BagsCutie Mark Crew Blind Bags
This time The Philippines won from Singapore in regards to the first country to feature MLP's latest spin-off line: Cutie Mark Crew! In Philippian Toys"R"Us stores, which are not closing down as far as we know, you can now find the large displays with single blind capsules. Want to know what's included? Check our Cutie Mark Crew Database!
(Thanks to David)
Cutie Mark Crew Blind BagsCutie Mark Crew Blind Bags

Mexico - EqG Minis Vinyl Figures + More

MLP EqG Minis Vinyl FiguresMLP EqG Minis Vinyl Figures
And after several countries already seeing the new vinyl Equestria Girls Minis figures its now Mexico's turn for this alternate take on the EqG Mini figures. They're sold at Bodega Aurrera for a relatively low 99 pesos, which is just under US$4.
In that same shop you'll also be able to find a new line of party supplies to throw your own ponified birthday party!
(Thanks to Sakura)
MLP Party SuppliesMLP Party SuppliesMLP Party Supplies

MLP Party SuppliesMLP Party Supplies

US - Chocolate Surprise Eggs

MLP Chocolate Surprise Eggs
Walmart is now selling these "Finders Keepers" surprise eggs with neat My Little Pony figures inside! Possible characters are the mane 6, Princess Celestia and Princess Cadance. According to the online listing the surprise is packed individually, thus bypassing the law that restricts embedded toys, like Kinder Eggs. They're $1.50 each and on display at the check-out area (and maybe in the chocolate isle too), but also available online for $1.98.
(Thanks to Ria)


  1. I just bought captain Celaeno at walmart in michigan. It was the only one on the shelf, but it was there.

  2. Of course TRU would not close down in Europe, Smyths bought all of TRU EU (athe latest rights bought were for Switzerland, Germany and Austria > https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/smyths-toys-to-buy-toys-r-us-german-and-austrian-stores-36830117.html).

  3. I saw Celaeno today at my Wal-Mart in Utah, so the set is out now.

  4. I saw the EG vinyl ones too here in MX i think that there are a bit expensive for the size (Almost as half size of a Eg mini) and quality , and i see other stuff like party suplies (like the ones in the post) and clothing, i also found the regular reboot dolls too but i think that are a bit expensive ($15) considering that is a basic wave with no extra accesories like brushes or stands :/

  5. I might be wrong, but judging by that one picture of the figurine added to the chocolate egg, they might be the same designs as ones from the Riviva fruit drinks you covered back in March. Wonder if they'll also include three different poses for every main character.