My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack
Good morning everyone! When looking at the Canadian Toys'R'Us website I noticed they have finally listed the My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack. Although this set was spotted in-stores a few weeks ago it's always nice to see it listed online as well. (which means stock photo's for our database yay! Although they are kinda small...)

So this set contains a total of four ponies: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and a ''secret" pony which is Princess Cadance. All of them come with ribbons attached to their hair. So far I've only seen this set listed on Toys'R'Us Canada and not the other TRU sites like the Scandinavian ones. Anyway have the listing and more below!

My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack - $44.99 CAD

There's a surprise birthday party to plan, and Twilight Sparkle is the most organized pony in Equestria to help secure the fun details! The My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack includes Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity pony figures with party ribbon manes exclusive to Toys 'R Us. Pretend the ponies are setting up for the big birthday bash with accessories that include paper party masks, punch bowl, paper balloon archway, gift boxes, party hats, slices of cake, and more! There are 35 plus pieces to play out fun birthday scenes. Reveal the mystery pony figure to pretend there is a surprise guest coming to the big celebration too! Who will it be? Open the box and find out!
My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Includes 4 figures, 4 party hats, 3 gift boxes, 35 accessories, and sticker sheet.
Figure scale: 3 inches
Ages 3 and up.
WARNING: Choking hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. 
My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Party Pack


  1. The first time that Pinkie would make the most sense and they didn't add her... Weird.

    1. They didn't add Rarity in the explore equestria pearlized singles, despite being the only mane 6 character that admired the crystally look. This isn't the first time they've left suitable characters out of sets.

  2. Now on sale for $33.67CAD as of 30/08/18!!!!!!!

  3. If the picture is a spoiler, is Cadance the surprise? Has anyone gotten a different pony?

  4. I just got this pac and I'm very happy!! I found it here in Brazil for R$ 130,00 (about 34 dollars).
    Does anyone know if this pac is rare? It's just that I can't find any reviews from him on youtube, photos on instagram... Does anyone have any information about rare G4.5 / Reboot ponies ???