Store Finds: Classic Series, Fashion Squad, MLP Gift Card & Much More
After a little break during the holidays we're back with the first Store Finds post of the year! We've got a lot to write about, including the first 2019 sets that are appearing in US stores, but there's plenty more to share with you. We have Silverstream, gift carts, a skating helmet and so much more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Classic Series Figures, Fashion Squad & Cutie Mark Crew Series 3

We start with the big news: loads of new sets have been found at Target! This includes the Classic Series Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle, Magic Salon ponies, long hair princess Fashion Styles and Many Pony singles. From the world of Equestria Girls we see the new single Fashion Squad dolls and the boxes of series 3 Cutie Mark Crew figures are now widely available too. Found there too was a new pack of Valentines!
The Princesses and Fashion Squad sets have been found at Walmart in the US too. The single dolls were $4.88, Princesses are $9.88 and the Fashion Squad 2-pack was marked as $29.88 (which should be $19.88, as you can read later in this post).
(Thanks to Victor & Samantha)

Japan - Glowing Style & Groom Figures

HTI has been making styling ponies for a while now, and recently in Japan a new variant was found that can light up by clicking on a button on the base. Aside from this new effect, the accessories and stickers didn't change much.
(Thanks to Ayu)

US - Fluttershy & Silverstream at Target

This is a set that we've received many questions about, as the availablity of this set was quite low. We did write some reports, but this appeared to be very local. Last month we again had a report that the set was found, this time at Target for $14.99. Sadly there was only a single pack, indicating that once again availability will be scarce.
(Thanks to Alex)

Colombia - Books & Skating Protective Set

A store called Falabella in Colombia release some new MLP merch, including a collection of 12 (small) books, a helm & protector set for skaters and several Mane 6 reading books. The latter of which have apparently been written by Lauren's forgotten twin-sister "Laures Faust", which I highly doubt!
(Thanks to MLP Forever)

US - Land & Sea Snap-On Fashion Figures

A set I personally forgot a little about, but the Texas-based grocery store HEB just put it out on the shelves again. The Land & Sea Snap-On Fashion figures were originally released in February of 2018, so it's probably a discounted batch that you can get at HEB.
(Thanks to Kelsey)

US - Twilight Sparkle Gift Card & Valentines Set

At Walmart they teamed up with Hasbro to create a special gift card themed after the Best Gift ever line! It features the same design as the packaging, courtesy of Twilight's wrapping skills. She's the only pony available, as it's just one design.
And while you're there for a gift anyway, why not pick up a My Little Pony-themed Valentines tin? For $12.98 you get a pre-wrapped tin with pencils, a pencil case, a puzzle, a bottle and possibly some more in the back.
(Thanks to racconus_doodus & Rana & Samantha)

US - Equestria Girls Fsahion Squad on Walmart.com

If you're looking for the Fashion Squad two-packs, you could also visit the Walmart online store. Both the Rainbow Dash & Sunset Shimmer and Rarity & Pinkie Pie sets are available for just under $20.
(Thanks to SLPhotos)

Sweden - Sunburst Magazine Figure Available in Sweden

I didn't know Sweden had the MLP magazine with figures too, but it appears that they do! And attached to the most recent copy you can find this Sunburst figure, a pony you don't see merch of that often!
(Thanks to Josefin)

Canada - Many Pony Singles at Walmart

And Canada too is starting to see the new line of MLP figures, starting with the Many Pony singles. In some stores there has been a report on shortage though, so don't expect to find the complete mane 6 right away. If you happen to find them at Walmart, you can get them for $5 each.
(Thanks to Becky & Arpeggio Medley)

US - Discounted Best Gift Ever Blind Boxes

And to finish this post of we have a sweet deal for you at Fry's Electronics. Not the first store you might think of for finding ponies, but they stocked up for the holidays and are offering some big discounts on what didn't sell in time. This includes the new Best Gift Ever blind boxes and are on offer at 60-80% off ($0.99-$1.99).
(Thanks to Victor)


  1. The individual Fashion Squad figures and sets are available on Amazon as well.

  2. Still waiting for the remaining EG Mini Theme Park sets to be released in the US. If they are planning for a dvd release of Rollercoaster of Friendship, they could be delaying it for that...

  3. Very Good, now, waiting that soon, the new EG minis arrive to Mexico!!, please, PLEASE!!!

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