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Dutch Webshop Lists Pipp Petals & Sunny Starscout Styling Heads

Dutch webshop has listed this... odd Styling Head of Pipp Petals. The sculpt of her looks cute, however, there's one thing that's a bit lacking and that's the inclusion of her eyebrows. The expression for the G5 ponies do quite rely on eyebrows and seeing her without, it looks pretty odd. What's also funny to me is that they decided to include Sunny on the package instead of Pipp. Bit of a weird decision in my opinion.

Store Finds: Classic Series, Fashion Squad, MLP Gift Card & Much More
After a little break during the holidays we're back with the first Store Finds post of the year! We've got a lot to write about, including the first 2019 sets that are appearing in US stores, but there's plenty more to share with you. We have Silverstream, gift carts, a skating helmet and so much more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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Store Finds: Cutie Mark Crew, School of Friendship, Styling Heads & More
We're back from our holiday and got quite a lot of interesting store finds piled up from the past two weeks! In this store finds post you'll find more info on the latest Cutie Mark Crew finds throughout the US, get an update of what's available in The Netherlands and various new finds at Walmart, including the School of Friendship exclusive sets.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony the Movie Tesco Exclusive Songbird Serenade Styling Head Pony by HTI
Yesterday we received an image on Instagram of a Songbird Serenade Styling Head being found at Tesco. By doing some research we managed to find the online listing together with lots of images and info! Like the other styling ponies/heads this one is also produces by HTI and it features a lot of accesories and stickers to decorate her. Online she retails for £12.95. You can find the listing here. Due the fact that she's been spotted in real life as well at Tesco, it might also be worth a trip to your nearest one. Let us know if you find her!

Have some more info below! Thanks to _mlp.fim_ and Twilightoys for the heads up of the in-store image!

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More MLP The Movie Styling Heads by HTI
In the store finds post from about a week ago we reported on the release of a seapony Rarity styling head. At first this appeared to be the only release, but over on the Kmart website two more seapony styling heads popped up! And there's even more, as a Rainbow Dash "cool style pony" was spotted at Walmart.
The regular version, of which the later Rainbow Dash is a good example, comes with less accessories and a small box in comparison to the seaponies. From looking at the box the difference is the addition of a sticker sheet, clip with hair and two additional shell-shaped clips.
Seaponies are available at $19.99 and the regular ponies are probably a bit below that (exact price unknown).
Thanks to Victor for the photo of Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy Pet Care Case ReleasedFluttershy Pet Care Case Released
Out of the blue HTI has released this Fluttershy Pet Care Case, which is a continuation of the Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie cases. Where the earlier cases were filled with hair decoration accessories, the Fluttershy case is filled with doctors equipment like a thermometer and bandage.
The case is available in the UK, just like most of HTI's other items, and is listed over at for £12.99. However, the items tend to pop-up in other stores and countries too.
Thanks to elsassurprise for the info!

HTI Releases Rarity Styling Pony at Tesco
The new series of sitting styling ponies, starting with Twilight Sparkle, has been expanded and a Rarity variant is now available. The photo above was taken as Tesco, and as you can see no price was shown at the moment. Though, expect it to be around £20.00, just like Twilight.
From the 15+ accessories, at least the brush and stickers differ from Twilight's accessories, but the other items like charms and rubber bands are probably the same.
Thanks to elsassurprise for the heads-up!

MLP Twilight Sparkle Styling Pony by HTI
The Entertainer website has listed a new My Little Pony Styling Head. Well... it's actually more a styling pony. The mold of this Twilight is very interesting as it's quite a dynamic pose. The brand is HTI which is also responsible for one of the Rainbow Dash Styling Ponies. (not to be confused with the Cartwheel kids one we posted just before this one)

Right now this one isn't in stock but she will be priced £20.00. You can find the listing here.

HTI Launches Style & Groom Rainbow Dash TV Ad
HTI, manufacturer of licensed products, has released an official TV advert for the Style & Groom Rainbow Dash figure that they've released earlier this year. The ad, which has been released on YouTube, is made for the UK market and shows children grooming Rainbow Dash's and each others hair. During the ad an animated version of Cutie Mark Magic Rainbow Dash, which I haven't seen much before. The ad ends with the packaging of the figure, which has slightly been update and now features a laying Rainbow Dash vector instead of a sitting one.
Thanks to Ayu for sending in this video. You can watch it embedded below:

Rainbow Dash Style n Groom Pony by HTI
Some of you might remember the Rainbow Dash Style n Groom Pony by HTI we reported on some months ago. It was supposed to be shown during the London Toy Fair 2015 but after that we never heard of it again. Until now as it seems like it has been listed on the UK Amazon website! You can get it for £24.99.