MLP Classic Unicorn & Pegasus Collection by Basic Fun
An Australian Toy Store in Sydney called "Alfy's New and Vintage Toy Shop" is now selling the brand new Classic Unicorn & Pegasus set by Basic Fun. The reason we decided to post this new is because they haven't been spotted in other stores yet but perhaps these sightings indicate that they will be available in other places soon as well such as Target. 

This set contains the following Ponies: Heart Throb (Pegasus), Surprise (Pegasus), Sparkler (Unicorn) and Gusty (Unicorn) A second Earth Pony Set has also been announced. This set contains Lickety-Split, Cherries Jubilee, Posey and Tootsie. These haven't been spotted yet.

So far this store only ships to Australia right now, but for our Australian readers we've included the listings below. If you find any of these somewhere else please let us know!

MLP Unicorn & Pegasus Collection Heart Throb by Basic FunMLP Unicorn & Pegasus Collection Surprise by Basic Fun
MLP Unicorn & Pegasus Collection Sparkler by Basic FunMLP Unicorn & Pegasus Collection Gusty by Basic Fun


  1. Gotta admit, it's a lil pricey...

  2. No fair I can't wait for these retro ponies to come over to the United States I really want gusty heart throb and surprise

  3. Thank you for posting this, and letting us now. I'm sure they'll show up in Target stores soon, before we know it.

  4. I live in the us and i was able to order them

  5. No Powder or Skyflier? I hope we get them at some point.

  6. will they bring baby ponies out