My Little Pony Lite Brite and Twister Retro Ponies at Toys'R'us Canada
A few months ago stock images were revealed of Peggy Mane and Right Hoof Red. Also known as the Lite Brite and Twister Ponies. It has been a while we've heard anything about these two, but it turns out they have been found in stores! These two have been found at Toys'R'Us Canada for $16.99 CAD each. It's interesting to note that the price tag mentions "Retro Mash-Up Assortment". Makes me wonder if we'll see more retro crossovers aside from these and the Crossover Collection...

So far no online listings yet but we'll let you know once we've spotted these online. Feel free to give a shout if you find these in stores as well.

Thanks a lot to Autumn for the heads up and picture!


  1. Cool. The Lite Brite Pony, looks as if she could glow in the dark. I'm still not sure if I'll purchase some of these crossover ponies, or not.

    It would be nice, if they made a Mall Madness Pony. I wonder how she would look like.

  2. Just picked up mine in store. They were even on sale with all the other MLP merch. Cost 13$ each.

  3. Sad. Not brushables.