My Little Pony Opaline and Zipp Storm Wing Surprise Brushable

In October we posted about some upcoming listings including a brushable of the current main villain of G5: Opaline. So far we only got one listing on Walmart but never saw any images... until now! The line Opaline is released under is the Wing Surprise line together with Zipp Storm, the latter having an Amazon.com listing already and she's available for order!

According to the listing on ABGee their wings flutter when you press their back legs. As mentioned before Zipp is already listed on Amazon for $19.99 USD and Opaline has so far, only a Walmart.com listing without images though I expect her to arrive on Amazon and other websites soon as well. Have the discription and images below!

Discover pony surprises with beautiful wings that flap! Each My Little Pony Wing Surprise figure has fun wings that flap when you squeeze their back legs. They also come with character-inspired storytelling accessories and a comb for brushing their long, soft hair (Each figure sold separately. Subject to availability). What surprise will be uncovered -- hidden patterns, stolen Cutie Marks, and more!

My Little Pony Opaline Wing Surprise BrushableMy Little Pony Opaline Wing Surprise Brushable
My Little Pony Zipp Storm Wing Surprise BrushableMy Little Pony Zipp Storm Wing Surprise Brushable


  1. Opal is smug and pretty, and I'm a sucker for a fun gimmick so I'd like to pick up Zipp and customize my old one.

  2. Opaline scares me and I have no idea why

  3. You know, with their slender body types and the flappy wings, this would be an excellent gen to revive flutter ponies Hasbro. *hint hint*

  4. Still sad that there have been a lot less brushables in G5 so far, but at least the ones we got so far surely got a nice hair upgrade compared to G4 where everyone had the same hairdo.

  5. Found Opaline at Target today!

  6. Nothing bad to say abt it, just Opalines mane that is terrible, her mane have a lot of gel hair, smth that we like to see in Zipp, but it doesnt matches to Opaline, but we need more Opaline merches, Opaline and Allura