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When these ponies first showed up I was quite interested in them. They seemed like something we quite never had seen before. So when they arrived I decided to pick them both up for my collection.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Zoom n GO figures

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I got Pinkie Pie for a price of €18.99 and Rainbow Dash was about €15.99. I don't remember the exact prices, but for some reason Rainbow Dash was cheaper than Pinkie Pie.

My first thoughts were that the ponies had a pull-back mechanism, but this is NOT the case, to my disappointment. You have to move them back and forth with your hand manually to activate the moving parts. Another downside is the supplied carts , which can only be used when the ponies are "Lying Down" you can't adjust them in any way.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie Zoom n GO figure
Pinkie Pie Zoom n GO figure
Pinkie Pie was the first of the two which purchased . It comes with a cart , a saddle with a balloon attached to it, and a party hat . The cap is attached by a rubber band which is clamped to the filling of the hat on the inside. ( Getting it? ) I'm quite happy with it as the rubber band will not break easily that way. It also just fits fine on her head. I already cave my opinion about the carts: It's a pity that the clamp is not adjustable . Then we have the saddle with a balloon on it. You just snap it into Pinkie Pie and when you roll her around the balloon starts spinning. I have no idea why they chose this. I rather had seen Fluttershy because that made probably more sense but ah well.

I am very satisfied with the figure itself. Very solid and a amazing sculpted mane. She has a different sculpt than the ones from the Gift Set. The colors and patterns on her body work really well and fit with the figure and the character itself. You can also lightly adjust her tail so that it isn't in the way when you roll her around.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash Zoom n GO figure
Rainbow Dash Zoom n GO figure

Rainbow Dash comes with less accessories then Pinkie Pie. Only a hat and a cart, the cart had the same story as the one from Pinkie Pie, the hat is a is a Postman one so I guess Rainbow Dash here is a Postman . The Mane Sculpt is fine. Seems like they also finally gave her the right mane colors. I'm just a little less happy with the wings. They move up and down when you roll her around, just like the balloon from Pinkie Pie, but they look very flat and cheap. The pattern is just the one that she has on her Rainbow Power Artwork. I would have preferred that they used the same wings as the Brushables. Those are in my opinion much better because they display more quality but maybe its more of a practical reason why they choose for these wings. Despite all this, I am very happy with her.

+ Beautiful Mane Sculpt , no flaws
+ Rainbow Dash's mane looks very show accurate
+ Good quality, the figures itself are already very appealing by their looks

- The rolling around Idea is kinda cheap, no Pull-Back
- Pinkie Pie was a strange choice for this kind of figure
- Cart Clamps are not adjustable
- Quite expensive

If you only want to display these figures they are probably a good choice, the figures have a nice sculpt to look at. I'm just not really a fan of the moving part. I think they are quite pricey for what you will get . I would there fore wait for a price reduction if you don't want them right now. But I am still very happy with these figures.

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