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MLP Merch Poll #135MLP Merch Poll #134 Results
Last week (well, actually 2 weeks ago) we asked you whether you play the MLP CCG. Overall only a small percentage of 8% plays the card game! Aside from those that play we see that  34% is not interested and 20% never knew about it. Luckily for Enterplay there is still a pretty big group of 23% that collects the cards and almost 13% of the respondents might try it out soon.

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Hasbro is known for combining popular franchises with their line of games, like monopoly and connect 4. But what about their Rubik's Crew line? No problem must have been the thought in Hasbro's gaming division when they came up with this rather bizarre Pinkie Pie figure.
The puzzle itself is a 2x2 Rubik's Cube in the shape of Pinkie Pie's head, including facial details and her mane, and the body is a loose display stand. It won't be the hardest Rubik's Cube to solve, but it's a fun challenge for starters or a neat MLP collectible.
No release date or price information has been given yet, but a similar figure from Transformers is available at around $12 to $15, so expect this to retail at the same level. And as the packaging mentions MLP The Movie we guess this figure will be available before or around the movie opens in theaters.

MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Swashbuckler Pirate AirshipMLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Swashbuckler Pirate Airship
Images have arrive of 5 upcoming Guardians of Harmony sets, themed after My Little Pony the Movie. From the sets we've at least seen the "Swashbuckler Pirate Airship" and Good vs. Evil sets at Abrin Toy Fair earlier this year. The two regular figures are brand new.
Starting with the airship, which comes with a unique Rainbow Dash figure, plenty of accessories and rotatable wings. There is also a storage spot on the top for your all the pirate loot. Sadly this set is marked as a Walmart exclusive, so getting your hands on this set might get difficult.

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My Little Pony the Movie FIM Collection Cutie Mark Crusaders Balloon Booth
Amazon is going crazy again and has listed lots of new My Little Pony the Movie items. Some things we may have already seen like the large talking Twilight and Stratus Skyranger, but new items like several  Friendship is Magic Collection items have also been listed. I think it's best if we just dive into them all. Have all the new listings and images below!

Store Finds: MLP The Movie Plush, Brushables & EqG Minis
And we're back with another store finds post today! There isn't a whole lot of news at the moment, but we'd like to empty the current queue just before the holidays start.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Rarity With Sunglasses Free With This Months Polish Magazine
I'm not sure whether they're running out of ideas or this is one of the most requested figures, but the current wave of Polish, French and UK MLP Magazines features a Rarity figure with sunglasses! When comparing the figure with the original Rarity figure from 2014 we do see a new approach at the mane and tail molding, so it's in no means a direct copy of the early release.
The magazine is at least released in Poland, the UK, France and several other European countries that normally sell magazines with the figures. Here in The Netherlands we're still waiting for a new issue, but that should be out this month.
Thanks to Paulina and super_fluttershymlp.3mlp

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MLP The Movie Wave 21 Blind Bags Box
The Wave 21 blind bags have been released over in Singapore, so it's only a matter of time before they'll be available in the US and possibly other countries too. After seeing the first pictures (thanks to Joelle) it's clear that this wave is a reboot of the blind bag series for several reasons, which we're going to elaborate on in this post.

MLP The Movie FiM Collection Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Pinkie Pie
It has only been a day, but the first new MLP The Movie listings from Entertainment Earth already got their images online! Above you can see the Tempest Shadow & Grubber and Pinkie Pie sets, and below are the 13" Seapony plush we expected to see.
Pre-orders for the Friendship is Magic Collection sets and 13" plush can still be placed.
As an added bonus we also got a sneak peak at some of the other sets in the upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection line, showing Shining Armor's Royal Chariot and the CMC and their balloon stand.
MLP The Movie 13 Inch Plush Seaponies
MLP The Movie Upcoming FiM Collection Sets

Store Finds: MLP The Movie Merch, Wave 21 & More
A new store finds post is well overdue and we've got plenty of news to share! Below we have all the latest info from the US, UK as well as some early releases from Singapore. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Merch Poll #129MLP Merch Poll #128 Results
Last week we asked you how you're managing spoilers for MLP The Movie. By far most people don't care about spoilers and take in as much information about the movie as possible. Surprisingly over 25% of the participants says they didn't see any spoilers yet (that's quite impressive!). Another big group of 35 people is trying to avoid them, but still saw some spoilers in the past months. Surprisingly enough 13 people say they didn't even know about the movie (they must be joking... the news is everywhere!).