My Little Pony and Transformer Figures Now at Burger King
After a very long pause Burger King once again features My Little Pony and Transformer toys in their King Jr meals! Four brand new figures of both brands are available, but of course we'll focus on the My Little Pony figures here.
Featured are Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, who all have a different mold or feature: Pinkie Pie laughs, Rainbow Dash can roll forward, Twilight Sparkle has articulated wings and tail and Rarity comes with a removable cape.
The figures all come with molded manes and tails, but are not molded completely solid. As seen on the photos the legs are hollow.

From reports that we saw all 4 figures are available at the moment within the US and Canada, but it differs from store to store which are included with the meals at that time. We've also heard of restaurants that did not offer any MLP figures yet, even after the official launch date. Information on releases in other countries are not yet known.

Thanks to Archooves, Victor, Jessie and Alex for the info!

My Little Pony and Transformer Figures Now at Burger King

New My Little Pony and Transformer Figures Now at Burger KingNew My Little Pony and Transformer Figures Now at Burger King


  1. So far in the southern part of TN there have been none, called over 30 stores and no one has any idea about them. Hoping to see them soon!

  2. I have two of these so far- Pinkie and Rainbow- and am quite impressed with them! The range of paint colors, though not complete on Rainbow Dash, are much better than what you typically see on McDonald's ponies. Their head shape and eye placement is also really good- probably the closest to show-accurate I've seen. Needless to say, that's pretty impressive for a fast food prize figure! They do have screw holes on their non-display sides and one-sided symbols, but that's really to be expected.
    Pinkie Pie does "laugh", but not with a sound clip like you'd expect. She has a squeaker mechanism that squeaks when air passes through it, which happens when she's shaken.
    Saying Rainbow Dash rolls forward is a bit of an exaggeration. Her wheels don't like to stay straight, so she ends up turning if she rolls any significant distance. I would've liked to see a pullback motor in her, but I can tolerate this. I'm also pretty sure that this mold was made for her to have a "determined" expression; it would at least look better with it. She doesn't look bad as-is, though. When these guys inevitability infect every thrift store toy bin, I may pick up one to repaint.
    And don't treat this like absolute fact because I don't have her yet, but I believe Twilight's wings move when her tail is moved. The wings don't look like they were made to move independently, but I could be wrong about this.
    It honestly doesn't surprise me that many locations don't have these yet, or that character availability varies from store to store (some locations have them all at once, while my local BK is getting them one at a time). Burger King isn't as regular with release dates or when they actually get anything, even food. Knowing some people who work at my local store has given me some insight as to how they're run; it seems like they're winging it a lot of the time. I know some locations have to be better than others, but that's what I've heard about the BKs in my town and the next town over. Heck, my local BK got a box of Rabbids months after that promotion was over! Don't lose hope if your BK is slow!
    I don't blame anyone for not hearing of these- I hadn't until I was surprised with one a few days after my BK got them (contrast this with the Cutie Mark Crew McDonald's set, which were anticipated for months in the US). Burger King doesn't advertise their toys as aggressively as McDonald's (or even Wendy's, for that matter!), so the news wouldn't spread as quickly.
    These are really good for fast food prize figures, and I'm looking forward to collecting the whole set!

  3. In northern Indiana I asked at my burger King and they said they don't have Happy meal toys, only McDonald's does!

    1. Well, yes, that's what happens when asking Burger King if they sell McDonalds products. Their Kid's Meals are King Jr's or simply "Kid's Meals".