Cheerilee Rainbow Power Brushable
Look at those pretty flowers. Makes her look like a hippie.

Seems like we will finally get a new non-mane 6 brushable soon! This time it's our lovely teacher Cheerilee and she's all rainbowfied! Its kinda strange to see her without her pale-pink highlight but a new non-mane 6 brushable is always welcome!

We also got some packaging for some of the Rainbowfied mane six ponies that we saw on the toy fair:

Fluttershy Rainbow Power Brushable

Pinkie Pie Rainbow Power Brushable

Rainbow Dash Rainbow Power Brushable

We can't wait to see these guys popping up in stores!

Thanks to the MLP Arena for the heads up!


  1. Those Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash don't have tinsel. Hmmm. Holly Dash was seen rainbowfied at the Toy Fair, though. Pinkie Pie's colors look like her EqG self. Red shouldn't be in Fluttershy's mane.

  2. Oh yeah: rainbowfied Cheerilee just confirmed my suspicion: the entirety of Ponyville will be rainbowfied in the finale.

  3. can u still buy them if yes where????????plz answer