Cherry Berry Brushable

I stumbled upon this Cherry Berry Brushable on Taobao and noticed something. This Cherry Berry has a new Head Mold, you can see that because the head is much more shiny then the old one, you can also see the seam under her ear, this is something that the new head molds have.

The only time Cherry Berry was released as a Brushable was as a Wedding Single, they used the old head molds at that time. Also the fact that she appeared on Taobao could mean that she indeed will get a re-release. It's just speculation, but you never know!


  1. I found the extended Rainbow Rocks plot!
    Canterlot High is hosting a musical showcase and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are going to be performing with their new band, the Rainbooms. But when a new girl group, The Dazzlings, arrives at CHS, they convince everyone to turn the friendly showcase into a Battle of the Bands. As tensions mount between the competing musical acts, a reformed Sunset Shimmer realizes that the Dazzlings may not be ordinary girls and are after something far more sinister than just being named Best Band at Canterlot High. The Rainbooms call on Princess Twilight to return to their world to help them perform a musical counter-spell so that they can win a battle that now determines the fate of the entire school.
    So it means Twilight returns later? And a reformed Sunset! P.S. I'm excited for Adagio

    1. Twilight might indeed return later, we have not seen a 'Rainbow Rocks short'-video of her yet. And yes, Sunset will indeed return :) I'm still wondering how big a role Trixie (and the Illusions) will get in the movie!

  2. Why Cherry Berry? Good for her and all, but I want Berry Punch.

  3. I need cherry berry i don't have her yet i hope she gets rerealesed soon

  4. @Ossie, This cherry berry was actually for a reproduction of the wedding singles in late 2014. Around November 2014 i went to Big Lots (A home decor and grocery store) and in the toy section they had alllll the wave 2 wedding singles including Cherry Berry, Trixie, Sunny Rays, Rarity, Lyra, &Twilight. I did a little of research *After buying them lol* and found out that MY wedding singles had the glossier body and the seams under the ears *Like shown above* unlike the original wedding singles, which were not as glossy and had no seams.