Welcome! Our regular visitors will notice quite a few changes on our site, but don't be afraid, it's still the good ol' MLP merch site!
In this post we will show you the improvements that we have applied to our site to create a better experience for all users. We've also introduced a mascot! Read more about it after the cut:

Responsive Design

Our data shows that 47% of all our visitors use a mobile device to browse our website. Upon inspecting our old mobile template, we found a few problems that had to be fixed. Sadly, google doesn't allow us tweaking their default mobile template, so we had to come up with another way to fix it. We decided to use a completely new, responsive template.
Responsive means that the content on the website will automatically scale to the size of your screen, without removing features. This means that the sidebar will still be accessible, but might be pushed to the bottom of the page on smaller screens (such as smartphones or small tablets). Responsive also means that all users, mobile or not, get the same experience instead of a completely different website. Give it a try on your mobile device and let us know what you think!

New Sharing Options

We've always had support for various ways that you could share our articles. We've took the time to see what social networks commonly share our articles, and tweaked our share buttons accordingly. This means that Tumblr and VK are now part of the share buttons, as well as an e-mail and reblog button. In the sidebar you can also find a follow button for our Tumblr!

Introducing: Amy!

Meet Amy! Amy is now the official MLPMerch mascot! She's a friendly and energetic pegasus who flies trough the internet to collect new information about MLP merch. With the help of her glasses she's able to send all the data back to us!
You might see her pop-up on some of our banners, site-related news soon :)

MLPmerch.com Is Now CC-BY 4.0

Information is shared rapidly on the internet. To support this fact we have decided to put all of our content under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means that you are free to share, republish, edit and translate on the internet, as long as you mention our website or blogpost as source. No permission is required.

Return Of The Popular Tags

In our footer you can see a trimmed down version of our older popular tags widget. Instead of all available tags only tags with 10+ articles will be shown now.

Guides And Coverages Are Now Specials

We thought that our guides and coverages were quite alike and sometimes had an argue over which article should be a guide and which one a coverage. To solve this problem we've decided to convert all guides and coverages into a new category called 'Specials'. From now on all convention coverages, brand coverages, merchandise guides and how-tos will be posted as a special.


  1. Amy reminds me of Sonata Dusk and Mystery Mint

  2. You guys do an insanely good job with this website. It's my absolute favourite as far as MLP merch goes.

  3. I LOVE Amy's design!