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Build-a-Bear Princess Celestia Plush
About a week after the release at Build-a-Bear Australia, the UK can now officially buy the Princess Celestia plush as well. As always all the decorative items are optional so you can choose to buy her loose, complete or buy only the accessories if you ever change your mind. The loose plush costs £20, cape, crown and necklace are £10 and the shoes are £5.50 per 2, which adds up to £41. The fully dressed Celestia also costs £41, so there is no discount sadly.
All listings below:
- Build-a-Bear Princess Celestia Plush Loose
- Build-a-Bear Princess Celestia Cape, Crown & Necklace
- Build-a-Bear Gold Bow Flats
- Build-a-Bear Royal Princess Celestia Plush (Fully Dressed)

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