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Licensed Merch From China Update (Kayou, ReeSee & Dinosaw)

A lot of news has come from China in the past days, and to prevent our blog flooding with smaller posts we're combining them here in this collected blog. We'll take a close look at the new trading cards from Kayou, loads of plush by ReeSee and a collection of blind bag figures from Dinosaw.

Basic Fun and Loungefly Releasing More 40th Anniversary Merch

The celebration of My Little Pony's 40th anniversary is starting to take shape: Hasbro is promoting the celebration actively on social media, and licensees are releasing their retro toys and merch. Today we'll look at what Basic Fun (known from earlier retro G1 ponies) and Loungefly have available.

Basic Fun Reveals 2023 Line-Up: Celestial Ponies + Blind Boxes

Big news coming from the 2023 Preview & 2022 Holiday Market this week where Basic Fun revealed their line-up for next year. This is all centered around the 40th anniversary of My Little Pony (yes, the last celebration is already 4 years ago) and included in their plans is something very special: the never released Celestial Ponies!

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Store Finds: Pipp Magazine Figure, H&M, Dog Toys & Chocolate

We're still not certain on how to continue with the store finds, so we're back with a classic one! This time we have a small selection of very diverse merch, so check them out below.

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Cupcake Mystery Plush Released in China

When we look at recent My Little Pony releases from China, such as the Pop Mart figures and Bloks building sets, it's clear that G4(.5) is still in full swing in China. Today's new release is no exception: over on Tmall a listing popped up with blind box cupcake plush.

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My Little Pony Sunny Starscout 100% Recycled Soft Toy Plush by Character

New G5 Plush have been spotted at Tesco Ireland! This time we have two plush made by the company "Character" and these two plush are quite special. According to the packaging these plush are a 100% recycled. They aren't the first recycled plush though as about a year ago we also saw recycled G1 plushies.

As mentioned before these were found at Tesco with a retail price of 15 Euro's. So far only Izzy and Sunny have been found.

Thanks a lot to Niamh for the heads up!

Store Finds: New Logo, G4.5 Fashion Squad, Many International Finds & More

So much to do and so little time! We're back in the new year with more store finds, but we'll keep the writing in this edition a bit short. We still want to get this post out to not let the backlog grow too big and keep you updated on all recent finds!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Glow in the Dark Plush by Flair

Toy Wholesaler ABGee has listed a brand new Sunny Starscout plush made by Flair. But she isn't your ordinary plush. She has the ability to glow in the dark when she's in the light for long enough, and also plays sounds from the movie. She will retail for £19.99 pounds. The listing can be found here.

However, something else has also caught my attention and that's the description they included with this listing: 

Walmart Releases Just Play Friendship Set - Including New Hitch Plush
Just Play was very quick with the release of My Little Pony: A New Generation plush, with the first spot back in early April 2021. The only thing missing back then was a Hitch plush to make the Mane 5 complete.

Famosa Releases 10" G5 MLP Plush In Europe
Famosa, well known for their range of G4 My Little Pony during the early lifespan of that generation. Later on Famosa stopped producing new MLP plush, so the range remains limited to Mane 6 and Princess Celestia. But they have renewed the license and just released their line-up of G5 plush!