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My Little Pony Friends Forever #13 Regular CoverMy Little Pony Friends Forever #13 subscribers Cover
Another comic has been released since yesterday! You can now order the brand new Friends Forever #13 comic. This comic will settle around Rarity and Babs Seed.
"When Sweetie Belle gets sick, it's up to big sis Rarity to entertain Babs Seed on a visit to Manehattan. The only problem is the two seemingly have nothing in common! Will the two find a way to overcome their differences and find a way to have fun in the big city? "
This comic is written by Jeremy Whitley and the artwork is done by Agnes Garbowska. There are 2 covers available. The regular one by  Amy Mebberson and the subscribers variant by Agnes Garbowska.

- Regular Cover
- Subscribers Cover

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